The MINI Countryman 2017 continues to lose camouflage in the face of your presentation


Little by little, the Countryman is losing its vinyl camouflage, revealing her body-final

The second generation of the Countryman every time is closer to seeing the light. It will not be until next year when MINI start its phase of production and marketing, but before the end of the year will be presented and as long. However today we can see new details of how will be the version of the MINI Countryman 2017.

The truth is that you will follow the track since last year. MINI has racked up many hours of tuning on the new Countryman. The small SUV has gone through various tests in various environments. From the N├╝rburgring to the high mountain as we see it here once more.

With the passage of time we have been watching as the various prototypes testing were losing the camouflage, desvelándonos part of your body. Today we move forward a little more and discover how will be the front grill, as well as other items, this time we seem to take its final form.


If we compare the Countryman with the other MINI we realize the differences

In one of the photos we can see the clear differences that exist with the MINI 5-Door. The Countryman always has moved away a little from the purely design MINI, although it retains the spirit and concept. The same thing happens with the interior, although this time, it will be more homogenous with the rest of their brethren in range.

The MINI Countryman will improve its qualities off-road, and will also be one of the models most versatile and multifaceted talent of the English house. In addition to the corresponding versions of sports united under the banner JCW, also will have engines diesel conventional, and even a hybrid variant plug-in.

This last we could see it rolling a few days ago. It will be the first hybrid MINI and that is why the preparers and developers are putting both in the creation of the next generation of the Countryman. We’ll find out soon, since it is expected that for the Paris Salon be able to see the natural.


The unit intercepted was in full proof-of-climb with drag