The MINI electric could move its production to Germany

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Few are the brands and manufacturers today do not consider the launch or the development of an electric vehicle. MINI also wants to have representation in this tiny segment with a MINI powered electrically, which, in theory, should be placed on the market in mass in a couple of years. It is not that the british firm belonging to the BMW Group has changed the marketing plans, but arises to relocate your production from Great Britain to Germany.

Several sources claim that this movement is closely related to the famous issue of Brexit, the abandonment of Britain from the European Union after the vote of the people. Apparently, BMW Group will not be willing to make the first MINI-electric mass production at the plant in Oxford if the negotiations with the british government do not come to good port.

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The German newspaper Handelsblatt quoted internal sources of the multinational automobile in one of his articles and commented that the british firm you may use other plants for their production, as the German of Regensburg or Leipzig. She also stated that there is a possibility that the model could be fabricated through the manufacturer’s Dutch NedCar, with a contract in which both companies come out benefited. In any case, it seems that this will not affect the release date of the MINI electric.

Everything seems to indicate that high-ranking officials of BMW Group shall meet with the “heavy weights” of the british government in the next few weeks. Looks like it will be a tug-of-war, because if from Great Britain to break fully with the European Union’s powerful car industry, in addition to many others, might avoid (or significantly reduce) their production there and, on the other hand, very likely would return to the move by increasing the selling prices in the country. Probably the british government giving way in some cases and with certain conditions in making various treaties and agreements with sectors as potent as the automotive industry.

Sources – Handelsblatt and Coach

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