The Mini JWR WRC returns to the World


Valeriy Gorban with the Mini JCW RRC for the Rally of Wales of 2014.

The output of Citro├źn Racing as a team official and the doubts of M-Sport came to instill fear among the fans. At times came to fear a World Rally with a roster of World Rally Car reduced, and only two manufacturers fixed. However, the real situation to ten days of the Rally Monte carlo is much more healthy than expected, and more, if possible, with the news that today we bring. Valeriy Gorban played 11 tests at the wheel of a Mini JCW WRC managed by the team Eurolamp WRT. The formation of ukraine makes a bet very remarkable.

Valeriy Gorban will compete with Volodymyr Koriia at his right hand in the role of co-pilot and played 11 tests that have already been chosen. Your sports project will start in the Rally of Sweden, which has not been able to close the fringes, to be in the ‘Monte’. From there played with the Mini rallies in Mexico, Argentina, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Finland, Germany, Corsica, Spain and Wales. The Ukrainian team and Gorban unsuccessful in competing in the Rally of China, and in the final appointment in Australia due to the high cost of the logistics that involve these tests.

there Is the chance that the inclusion of Valeriy Gorban with the Mini JCW WRC allows for the first time to compete together, the five World Rally Car built under the current regulations. The Rally Sweden will be the first test in the match, as the last time I raced the Mini in the Rally of Finland, 2013, the i20 was not yet in competition. In any case, and the margin to see the Polo, DS3, Fiesta and i20 share rally with the Mini JCW WRC, the team Eurolamp WRT is considering registering as a private training in the championship.