The MINI Paceman says goodbye with an excuse cheap

MINI Paceman 2015 precio EspaƱaAlthough not yet officially presented, the German brand BMW will give the banderazo of output to the production of the new 5-Series in brief. The engineers are already working on adjusting the production line of its all-new saloon of medium size, which will take place in the plant Graz, Austria. Yes, just in the same site , which makes the MINI Paceman.

What does the future BMW 5-Series with the current MINI Paceman? The manufacturer has put as an excuse the cessation of the production of the small crossover of three doors, the arrival of the sedan of BMW. It will be made in the same factory, it is true, but if they decide not to produce it the more it will be because the results of this model have not been very good, because it only takes four years in the market, half of a typical lifecycle.

the brand Fiat has gone quite well the fact cast a model that had a glorious time several decades ago; we speak of the Fiat 500. The MINI is not that has gone wrong with the MINI MINI. Both used the same idea, from the car best falling to the clients, to develop new models trying to cover more of the segments.

MINI Paceman 2015 restylingFiat has the 500, the 500L and the 500X, with multiple versions that change aesthetically to both the mpv (500L) and the SUV (500X). To MINI, in this sense, he has not gone as well as the Italian brand, and many of these derivations have not been able to get the estimates of the brand, such as the Paceman, for example.

The variant of the English firm that appears to meet the objectives of the brand is the Countryman. With the trendy SUV and the style of the brand seems to have found their place in the market and, although it is not a car of great volume of sales (nor is it intended to be), is responding pleasantly. In fact, the MINI Countryman second generation will be presented within a few days at the Paris motor show.

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