The MINI Rocketman could occur, but would be electric

Since the MINI Rocketman concept car debuted as a prototype five years ago, BMW is studying without success the possibility of its arrival to the market. It is a hatchback that almost replicates the size of the classic MINI.

MINI-Rocketman-2Hace several years now, MINI tries to find the way to achieve put the Rocketman concept car at the dealers of the brand, but until now the attempt has been unsuccessful. After his debut occurred in 2011 as a prototype, the MINI Rocketman concept became an instant success on the part of the public, who enjoyed it urban with a dimensions quite close to those of the classic MINI.

But the biggest problem with which you found the engineers was related to your platform, since that was impossible, for reasons of cost to develop a completely new, taking into account that the prototype used an architecture carbon fiber. Tried it several alliances with other manufacturers, one of them with Toyota, but finally none prospered.

these days, Ralph Mahler, product manager for the MINI brand said to the press that the brand is ready to bring production a car smaller than the Cooper current and a model like the Rocketman continues to be high on the agenda of the company.

Without making any statements precise, Mahler gave to understand that the advancement of electrical technology occurred during the last five years, you could make the Rocketman concept first saw the light as a 100% electric vehicle. MINI could use the technology available within the group, taking many of the technological elements that are used by BMW. The MINI Rocketman might as well use the innovative architecture of the BMW i3.

Another option would be to try to to extend the collaboration between BMW and Toyota and take advantage of the expertise in small cars that has the japanese manufacturer, thanks to the recent acquisition of the brand Daihatsu.

Mahler acknowledged that we are interested in the segment that is located below the MINI Cooper hatchback and a product such as the MINI Rocketman concept it would be ideal to achieve, to fill the space.