The minibuses based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2018 also gets to the point

In is not talking only about the range of cars but also have space for commercial vehicles and for companies. The third generation of the successful Mercedes Sprinter, whose debut will take place in 2018, also prepared their novelties for the versions of the body extended, including those that are intended for use as a passenger transport.

Mercedes put to the test by the renewal of your van in format battle extended for the transport of persons. This Sprinter has been appropriately modified to simulate as faithfully as possible to its transformation minibus although it still retains large parts of its birth as a panel van. The Sprinter will be available in a large number of combinations of finishes, lengths and heights for each professional to find the configuration that best suits your needs.


In its interior we find several benches of seating as you can see does not have the look and shape that one might find in a minibus but which help to simulate the weight of these, in addition to retains the door in normal opening and the sliding of the passenger side in place of the hydraulic typical of this type of vehicle.

on the other hand mercedes has been concerned about installing an air conditioning system whose compressor sits on the roof and besides, he has placed a trailer to verify that you do not have problems in moving extra weight.


As I’ve mentioned in other spy photos of the Sprinter, Mercedes has focused on providing this trading vehicle a look very attractive in the front with a new bonnet, headlights, calender and bumper as a claim that the best designs are also for the business. A design that will have a lot to do with the Mercedes Class V.

on the other hand will suffer a substantial change in its interior with an increase in levels of quality in finishes and settings not to mention a major expansion of its technology.

In terms of their mechanical range diesel will carry all the weight with DCi engines turbo in a comprehensive manner and the option to equip petrol engines in some markets. Of series will have traction to the rear wheels, while optionally you can choose with four-wheel drive.