The minivan can be reborn in China with the end of the one child policy


Wuling Hongguang, the leader of the segment in China, costs a little more than 6,000 euros at the exchange

To date, mpvs larger were buying in China by two major groups. On the one hand, we have families that have grandparents at your expense, that owning two cars is prohibitive. On the other hand, we have professionals who need to combine family and work, or you have a large space for employees or meetings in progress.

In China, it is very appreciated the space in the rear seats

In 1978, he imposed the one child policy, with the objective of halting the growth of the population before colapsase the country. At that time each woman had 2.9 children on average. According to the chinese authorities, prevented 400 million births, although the real figure could be around half.

In October, put an end to the one child policy, allowing each couple have two children, which tends to keep the level of the population, necessary to sustain the economic growth and sustainability in the face of the elderly.


Baojun 730, a lot more expensive that the chinese leader (about 10,000 euros at the exchange), but in second place

If couples can have two children, and have a greater to his charge, a five seater it would be short. The wealthiest families can afford the fines represent more children than the allowed, so that large families occurs, it is haylas. But the middle class will have a little bit more easy to expand the family.

The segment MPV is found mainly General Motors and its partners, with more than 50% of the fee. We are talking about a cake to spread more than a million units a year, similar to the number of enrolments in a country like the us or Australia.

manufacturers are checking in markets such as the european the change of the SUV and crossover from the minivan, posts of fashion in the mid 90’s. However, if China grows the demand of this segment, is guaranteed its survival during a good season.


Buick GL8 of the second generation, costs about 41.600 euros at the exchange

Although by design the SUV and crossover tend to win, in practicality, the minivan comes out ahead to have the space that is most taken advantage of. Those who put practicality above aesthetics or subjective considerations, will be more attractive for a minivan, especially if you can only afford a single car.

The chinese authorities believe that of the 1.370 million people today will spend at 1,450 million in 2030

The manufacturers see there a resurgence of the segment, spurred by an increased need of space for families. In addition, it is still more reasonable to have a great car-cut to have two, especially with restrictions on enrollment.

The best-selling model at present is the Wuling Hongguang, a local brand, from 42.800 yuan. In second place is the Baojun 730, of a trademark of GM, which cost nearly 4,000 euros more to change, but it started to be sold last year. A model of high-end imported from Japan such as the Toyota Alphard can cost 10 times more than the Baojun -759.000 yuan – by the tariff policy and a difference in luxuries.

hence, the interest In having models of local production to meet this growing demand.