The miracle of Force India: how the best team in the parrilla?


“At this time we are really, really far. In pure speed, we should not be here. We are doing great miracles to be where we are,”. Well defined Sergio Pérez you’re getting Force India at the start of the season in which both he and Esteban Ocon have scored in the four races held.

What happens is that the definition made by Sergio can be extrapolated safely to the past three seasons. Any more if you press me. Since Vijay Mallya took control of what was Jordan, then Midland, and later Spyker, the performance of Force India has been growing exponentially to reach, almost, perfection.

What Force India did after the inclusion of the new regulation of 2009 was to build a foundation on which to grow nourished on the stability of the new regulation. Since that year and until 2013, he was getting goals and increase their competitiveness without haste, but without pause. In the end, that quality is the most difficult to achieve in a stand-alone computer.

With the arrival of hybrid engines in 2014, Force India knew how to take advantage of the winning horse that was supposed to Mercedes as a supplier and took the next step in their level of performance, reaching the fifth place in the constructors ‘ championship in 2015 and the fourth in 2016, a position it maintains in of the season so far despite the regulatory change.


high-level Engineering

One thing is evident in view of the results: the technical team that makes up Force India is of a higher level. Not only have they failed to keep pace with the new regulation, the threat of teams with more resources like Renault, McLaren, Williams or, perhaps, even Toro Rosso, but also have reached a level of reliability unmatched, something equally difficult to achieve for a team that must face a new regulation with limited resources.

there is No denying that the VJM10 has been born with limitations: it is not fast in qualifying and the problems of calibration of the wind tunnel have caused the aerodynamic package to cause inconsistency in the behavior of the car. But, in a way almost incredible to comprehend, Force India has managed to improve his race pace and continue scoring without a break in every Grand Prix. And in Spain, within two weeks, will come the new version of the car with which the team hopes to solve these problems.


Management unblemished

Always talked about the economic difficulties facing Vijay Mallya and the influence that this might have on Force India. But the only thing certain is that the team each year it seems to get stronger and account with one of the portfolios most extensive of sponsors of the entire grill.

And, as a sign of excellent management, an example: the policy of recruitment of pilots. Force India has not been swept never by the temptation to hire pilots that only provide sponsors and, although it is obvious that many of them have contributed economically, not less so is that they have always had a wealth of sports on which to justify its presence in the Formula 1: Adrian Sutil, Paul di Resta, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Giancarlo Fisichella, Nico Hülkenberg, Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez make up the roster of seven drivers who have raced for Force India. And that more money has been contributed from the start has been the most successful of all of them: Czech.


Being independent, Force India has managed to have a successful relationships with Mercedes, without falling into subservience that may suffer from Williams: rejecting the offer of hire Pascal Wehrlein, but getting to the other pilot Mercedes that they had always wanted to have: Esteban Ocon.

Four races: four races in the points for each of their drivers. Fourth position in the championship with thirteen points on Williams. Sergio Perez has been fourteen Large Rewards by scoring consecutively, amounting to 16 the streak of the team. The cited Williams stays in two, the Toro Rosso a, de Haas and Renault also in two and the McLaren… well, you know.


¿That other teams are not fulfilling the expectations? Obviously. Williams and Renault have the fastest car, but only a pilot. Haas suffers from the inexperience of its staff, Toro Rosso did not get along well with the reliability and McLaren have a Honda.

¿Force India? Has an engine, two pilotazos, strategists shining on the wall and a technical team was outstanding. In summary: you have everything a winning team needs, but without the money that the rest used to achieve this. Geniuses.