The Mitsubishi ASX 2017 has already shown his face, and it is this!!!!

Mitsubishi ASX

a month Ago I loved the first images spy a vehicle Mitsubishi that was doing their test validation with a high layer of camouflage. Of this vehicle we could really see little part of his sculpted silhouette. However, by the measures, and how close is the generational change in the current ASX, we can place it as the replacement for this compact SUV.

As is often the case, from which emerge the first photos of the mules of test, until the design of a model is made public doesn’t usually spend a lot of time, and this Mitsubishi has only needed a month. My good friend, E. J. V., happened to me the photos that you see and which illustrate very well how it will be the design and shapes of the upcoming compact SUV from the house of the three diamonds.

Mitsubishi ASX sin camuflaje

The model in question has been caught rolling down the roads of Japan and a driver experienced realized that it was not a model of street more. The image does not have to be of excellent quality, but serves to confirm that the shape of the upcoming compact SUV of Mitsubishi will change slightly from the one you have now. This image along with the perfect chop that has been carried out to reveal us the final design of the replacement of the ASX.

If we look at the design of the chop, we can see that it takes many features of the former Concept. Obviously in this recreation tend to forget about the lines and elements that may not enter a manufacture in series, but stick faithfully to the brand, we could offer on a model of street. As main elements you need to look at their headlamps with led technology and a front that will mark the design of future models of Mitsubishi.

For now we do not know more about mechanical or possible equipment that the company is going through a transitional period. We imagine that will cycle engines-diesel, gasoline and even hybrid plug-in to replicate the success of the Outlander PHEV. Regarding your name, we do not know if it will be ASX to be the substitute of the vehicle most sold brand or it will be a model that is more within the direct portfolio of the manufacturer.

Source – E. J. V.

Mitsubishi ASX

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