The Mitsubishi Colt could be back in the year 2020

The generational change of the current Mitsubishi Space Star may be able to recover its historic name. The new Mitsubishi Colt will use a platform of the alliance Nissan-Renault and its arrival to the market is planned for 2020.

Andl japanese manufacturer considers the development of a new model that can compete in the segment B, which could bring back the market a historic denomination. According to recent statements of Guillaume Cartier, head of sales and marketing for Europe on the occasion of the Geneva Auto show in march 2018, this new model could carry the name Mitsubishi Colt.

In reality some months ago we learned that the next generation of the Space Star would use the platform of the next Renault Clio, but now the japanese brand considers to return to the life of this historical denomination when the time comes to launch your next generation.

according to Cartier, this new model will capitalize on the synergy between the group’s brands, so that you could make use of the platform used for the Nissan Micra, like other technologies that could be taken from the next Renault Clio, as the turbo engine of three cylinders used for the model of the French brand.

The new Mitsubishi Space Star 2016 arrives to Spain

In any case, this will help keep the development costs low, essential to achieve take it successfully to the market, as the japanese brand considers that it must sell at least 100,000 units a year around the world to achieve the viability of the model.

current generation the Mitsubishi Space Star has been strongly criticized from the time of its release, because the model is surpassed in many aspects by its rivals. The current Space Star, which in some markets is called the Mirage, was introduced to the market in the year 2012 as a replacement for the Mitsubishi Colt.

Cartier confirmed also in the Geneva motor show that by the time the japanese brand has no intentions of launching new models, at least until the year 2020, at which time it could arrive at the market new generation of the Mitsubishi Colt.