The Mitsubishi Concept II XR-PHEV anticipates his debut in Geneva


Mitsubishi-Concept-XR-PHEV-II-1 L I fter some small fragments of images that mode teaser Japanese brand showed last January, now they spread the full photo gallery second generation prototype PHEV XR-II, which will be part of the news that next week will be bringing to the Geneva Motor Show.

The model had already been presented in 2013, but improvement not only aesthetically evolution since gained a new front grille and trapezoidal small changes in the design of the headlights and wheels but also mechanical since updated its drive to plug-in hybrid plant.

The XR-PHEV Mitsubishi Concept II has a conventional internal combustion engine associated with a new electric motor powered by a battery of 12 kWh. The group develops a combined output of 163 horsepower and is located in the front, as it is a hybrid powerplant designed for front wheel drive vehicles.

Mitsubishi-Concept-XR-PHEV-II-2 Mitsubishi says the XR-PHEV II can automatically switch between pure electric or hybrid modes in order to adapt best way to driving conditions and the level of battery charge. However the driver can manually choose between different driving modes.

Although the design is no different from its predecessor. It is a compact SUV, because body has dimensions of 4.49 meters long, 1.89 meters wide and 1.62 meters high .

Its design combines muscular look I provided through their paces bulging wheel, a well marked crease that runs along the side upward and shapes your waist line and posterior combining a headlights even extend over part of the rear window.

On the front has a huge grill that makes up the format of a letter X, combined with slender main light clusters format sharp .

Already in the cabin can be a panel with a voluminous center console taking center stage. The interiors are few commands, which suggests that most of the functions are commanded by screen multimedia system.

For more details and to know if the product will eventually be brought into production, we will have to wait for his debut to the public that occur under the Geneva Motor Show will take place in just few days.



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