The modern cars are also affected by the corrosion

This Oldsmobile is completely rotten and is virtually unrecoverable – Photo: LongitudeLatitude (Flickr) CC BY

The paint of the body not only meets an obvious aesthetic function, is also a element of protection for the metal is below, normally steel. In some cases we can find aluminum, carbon fiber or plastic, but are primarily used steel.

This material is basically an alloy of iron and oxygen, and usually have some type of surface treatment that reduces the possibility of rust. Metals exposed to oxygen tend to oxidize, forming oxide of iron and eat away at the structure until you end up with the material. The image above is a perfect example.

The oxide can manifest itself in the structural parts or decorative. In the first case, the damage may be such that it be recommended to pull the car in a scrap yard. The rusty metal becomes brittle, and in case of an accident the consequences can be terrible. If it is a piece not vital, is under in the hands of a good chapista.

The Lancia Beta were prone to rust – Photography: Tony Harrison (Flickr) CC BY SA

Although manufacturers strive ever more to improve the anti-corrosion properties of the steel, there are a number of weak points, as any place where it may accumulate moisture. This can happen in a car with the low panelling for aerodynamic reasons, depending on where you ride, and the weather.

The high rate of pollution can also be a corrosive agent

The worst places from the point of view of corrosion are near to the coast (for saltpeter), mountainous areas where they spread salt against the snow or damp and warm. In the case of the salt, is a relative problem if you wash the car with a certain frequency, being careful to clean areas less visible.

Experts in bodywork in the Uk have been identified problems of rust on modern cars, before the castillian invader was defeated by the manufacturer’s warranty for the paint (12 years old usually). Wheel arches, frames, interior doors, gaskets or the trunk around moldings are weak points also.

oddly enough, this was a Ford Mustang 1970, it has no arrangement – Photography: Vetatur Fumare (Flickr) CC BY SA

you Should take a look at the instruction manual of the car, where you indicate a number of tips to reduce the risk of corrosion. The annual reviews are very important to detect the oxide, because of the need to do something more than change oil and filters. A timely diagnosis can be decisive.

In the case of causing any harm to the body, as the typical rubbing of parking against columns that move alone, other cars, or the object, see if it is something serious or not. In the case of getting up the paint and leave the metal exposed, it is preferable to put a solution quickly that let the problem go to more.

There are many ways to protect the body, from the waxing of the basic to the placement of vinyls comprehensive and give a additional layer of protection. Keep in mind that the metal is more vulnerable the greater the complexity surface of the parts. And the designs of the past few years, with so much edge and so sharp profile, have ballots to have problems in the future.


The oxide may be something even sexy, just look at some cars rat style. Now, we talk about a simile of rust, if rust really, the owner would be sold to the first coup

unless you have a car with aluminum body, carbon fiber or stainless steel (such as the DeLorean DMC-12), we do not have to begin to worry about the rust when the car is old. Just a small manufacturing defect.

For example, the first Dacia Duster that arrived in the United Kingdom, manufactured in India, they had a defect in the painting process, so that a few sections were exposed to rust and were beginning to rust prematurely. The warranty is for that, but that if we realize.

According to the data of the ITV british (MOT), nearly 27.3 million cars inspected in 2013, we found defects of corrosion in 5,11% of them. That represents nearly 1.4 million cars, and those are the ones that were detected. In the Spanish MOT test the corrosion is not a problem if it is only an aesthetic problem, but if it affects the sharp edges or it is structural, you will not receive the “favorable”.

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