The modern platform MQB-A0 of the new Seat Ibiza in the background

Volkswagen Group is the largest manufacturer of cars in the world according to the sales recorded during the past year, 2016. The German consortium was proposed some time ago to surpass General Motors and Toyota as the first manufacturer in the world, and it seems to have done. To achieve such a position has had to perform many and varied investments in improving their models, platforms, and relationships to logistics, because if the profitability of the group increases their opportunities for improvement as well.

One of the points that have worked, and where more resources have been spent was in the development of your modern modular platform MQB. With this scalable architecture, the Volkswagen Group has given life to its models by segment C – D, for before hiring independent platforms. To reach it you have had to spend huge amounts of money but once implemented in its factories cost savings when manufacturing their cars is quite high.

Volkswagen Plataforma MQB

This platform was a revolution in the industry, for it gave to the models from the Volkswagen Group a versatility that rivals did not have. However, as every technical element that is opening has had some glitches. Proof of this are the problems that have undergone some models with the compressors of the air conditioners or some mismatch between parts of your body.

once having overcome the initial problems, the heads of Volkswagen is set to work to develop a smallest version of the MQB. With it they wanted to create a family of vehicles that fall below the segment C with the same manufacturing systems that are already using. To do this the easiest was keep the front end initial platform and modify the rear.

Of this work of engineering is born the platform MQB-A0. On it the German consortium will give life to your models of the B-segment and the new Seat Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo will be the first that the carried. In the case of the urban Spanish is the one that has had the privilege to release it and as it was just presented these days we will see the main particulars of the base that gives it life.

The new Seat Ibiza changes at all to continue as until now. Under your body hides the MQB-A0 next to a distance between axes of 2.564 mm that is to say, 95 millimeters larger than the one employed by its predecessor. With it the cabin of the car Spanish increases exponentially as the space in the trunk as in the rear bench are approaching dangerously to his older brother Leon with 355 litres.

According to a official statement of Seat “the dynamic behavior, the quality of ride and the ride comfort is exceptional thanks to the new platform MQB-A0”. In addition also added that “the latest technology from the Volkswagen Group platform MQB (Modular Quer Baukasten), allows a greater flexibility in manufacturing and an implementation robust, since it supports different models and allows for different body types within the same segment, and you can achieve different configurations of the distance between axles within the same base platform”.

Following these words we can draw several conclusions.

  • weight reduction will allow models that rely on it will be lighter (a no-brainer) and, therefore, will have a dynamic behavior quite well.
  • flexibility, which provides the new basis in terms of modification of the distance between axes (width of tracks) will allow the Volkswagen Group to create almost any model of segment A – B.
  • she not only will be able to manufacture vehicles driven by mechanical diesel or petrol, will now have to accommodate new mechanical options as the hybrid.
  • vehicles with a focus on off-road or SUV will be able to mount a four-wheel drive enhanced and more effective.

As a negative point we could say that if in your design process, and development has committed any fault, it could become endemic. If this happens, the cost of a hypothetical call to review would be monumental and therefore would affect substantially the results of the group. In addition, as is the case with the MQB original having a rear axle multi-link will be difficult, but the average customer does not know that what it takes, or to differentiate between one torsional or one more elaborate.

will drive the new Ibiza to have sensations driving and to know if the new platform MQB-A0 of the Volkswagen Group reaches as high as the aspirations of the manufacturer. Meanwhile we already know that their rivals will have to pull out their best weapons if you do not want to succumb to the novice.

Seat Ibiza
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