The more cars sold in September and the behaviour of the sector in Spain

Concesionario CitroënFirst working day of the new month and already we have with us the data of the behavior of the automotive sector in terms of sales of passenger cars referred to in the past month. These data reflect, mainly, the month of September has been a pretty good, far surpassing the values obtained in the same month of 2015.

In total, in September of 2016 have signed a total 80,100 units in the Spanish market, which represents a growth of 13.8 % if compared with the same month of the last year. In addition, it should be noted that it has been the best month of September since 2007. In terms of the accumulated between January and September of 2016 compared with the same period of 2015, the increase is a 11,4 %.

Renault Arabauto Vitoria-GasteizBy channels, all show positive results that indicate, in theory, that the economy of the country is progressing. The channel companies shown a growth in September to 17.1 %, while the cumulative increase is 14.4 %. The channel particular grows a little, but it grows, with an 8.9% in September and a 9 % so far in 2016. For its part, the rent a car throws out some data very positive with almost 60% in the past month and 14.5 % in the cumulative total for the year.

As we mentioned last month, seems to be that the drop in chopped at the beginning of year of sale of vehicles with diesel engines in the market share fuel was only a mirage. In August the total was distributed with 38.8 % for gasoline vehicles, the 57.6 % for diesel and the remaining 4% for passenger cars, electric and hybrid. In this ended month of September, the petrol have remained exactly the same, winning the diesel 0.4% who steals from the alternative vehicles ending with a market share of 3,6 %.

Nissan-QashqaiIn regards to the best-selling brands in the finalized month, Volkswagen, Renault and Peugeot dominate the podium, with 6.896, 6.515, and 5.749 units respectively. I follow, with some distance, Seat and Opel. In the accumulated of the year, Opel is in first place, followed by Volkswagen and Renault, having between the three-a difference of less than 5,000 units. They are still in fourth and fifth place in the French Peugeot and the Spanish Seat.

If we looked best selling models in September, at the top of the podium, we have the tireless Citroen C4, chased very closely by the Volkswagen Golf and a little further on the Renault Clio. The fourth and fifth place are for the Pole and the Lion. nine months full year that we have, the most sold are the C4 which draws about 1,500 units to the Seat Leon and 1,500 more at the Ibiza. The fourth most sold of the year is the Golf and the fifth the Opel Corsa.

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