The Morris Mini original it is in the current MINI Countryman, and these images prove it

And Practical Classics has shown. This british site dedicated to the classic has built a scale model of the Morris Mini. It is a car made of cardboard, which have been compared with a MINI Countryman finishing One of the year 2010. We already know that the MINI Countryman is the MINI less “mini”, and in fact I what we have shown in this article very visual. This action of Practical Classics is another very visual to demonstrate how they have grown and fattened the cars current with respect to their predecessors.

Half a century of evolution auto part Morris Mini original and current MINI Countryman.

The cardboard model was built by Jeroen Booij, whose ideal was to put in a Morris Mini royal in the interior of the MINI Countryman. Discarded the idea for the face and a little practice – you would have to cut roof and interior of the Countryman as a bit – built for this cardboard model that was introduced in the interior of the modern crossover without too many problems. A BMW dealership in Amsterdam was instructed to leave one of their Countryman of the occasion for this experiment, which we now teach in images.

mini-countryman-crecimiento-3Recall that the Morris Mini from the late 50’s only measured 3,05 meters long and 1.40 meters wide. When I see one on the street I am always amazed at how small it is. As you can see in the pictures, the Morris Mini fits entirely in the interior of the Countryman, with the exception of the front section of the engine, which we must imagine hidden in the bowels of the SUV. The MINI Countryman measures 4,10 meters long, 1,79 meters long, and still being compact in its segment, is a giant in comparison with the classic.

of course, a MINI Countryman is infinitely more safe, comfortable, and equipped, but the Morris Mini also housed five people inside – a little tighter – and weighed 620 kilograms, compared to 1.335 kilograms of the current MINI Countryman. His power has also been fired: the Morris Mini was just 34 HP and it took half a minute to reach the 100 km/h, being its maximum speed of only 120 km/h. The evolution of technology has allowed the average consumption approved of both cars is similar.

Source: FB