The most basic Giulia will be known in the Geneva


The ‘normal’ Alfa Romeo Giulia will debut next March under the Geneva Motor Show. Still no details on their mechanical configuration.


Alfa-Romeo-Giulia-QV E he last Frankfurt Motor Show marked the official debut of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia in its most powerful version equipped Quadrifoglio Verde . But now it’s time to meet the simplest versions, which meet in the next Geneva Motor Show to be held in the month of March.

In its most basic configuration, the Alfa Romeo Giulia will have a exterior aesthetics easiest and will be available with rear- or four-wheel and a selection of boxes automatic and manual six-speed change. But for the moment it is unknown what will be the engines that are available in this configuration.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced that the first units of the new Giulia will reach the hands of his buyers until September 2016, which means there will be a delay of over a year from the time Alfa Romeo Giulia showed the first QV. However, since the brand say the wait is worth it, as they ensure the Giulia will be a perfect fusion between man and machine.

The new Giulia is the first of eight new products Alfa Romeo will be launching in 2018. For the more normal versions, which will finally try convince the bulk of customers who are evaluating the Giulia by any of its German competitors, will have to wait another six months.



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