The most important news at the Detroit motor show 2016


From 11 to 24 January, the Detroit motor show will display the first news of 2016

is here a new year, a year that appears to be particularly interesting in terms of the number of presentations that we will see along its 366 days. A few days ago we gave you a detailed list of the novelties scheduled for the 2016, however now it is the turn of take a look at the main novelties that will see in the Hall of Detroit 2016.

The first fair of the year will open its doors the next day, January 11, in the cradle of the motor american, Detroit. Are expected to more than 55 presentations, most of them focused at the local level, although they also expect appearances stellar at the global level. A showcase to show what we can drive in just a few months.

Main novelties in the Hall of Detroit 2016


The youngest of the family M has already been presented, we know, but Detroit will be the first public event in which the BMW M2 make act of presence. This small marina is scheduled to bring us a joy of the body with each squeeze of the accelerator. engine six-cylinder in-line with 370 HP promises to deliver a lot of fun. Their sale price in Spain shall be a minimum of 62.900 euro, and the first units should not be within reach.

Genesis G90


The name EQ900 is exclusive to Korea, in the rest of the world know as G90

Hyundai is prepared to make the leap of quality that we all expect. And it has decided that the best way to do this is with another brand, Genesis. Although it is a name that we have already seen, is now when you will do it as a company attached to the signature Korean. The Genesis G90 will be your first product, and I must say that it looks superb. You will come to a multitude of markets, including spain, and will do so with great tricks hidden in its interior. A surprise very exciting.

Infiniti Q60

The japanese brand wants to be one of the most prominent in the american exhibit, it will present three novelties: Infiniti QX60, Infiniti Q50 Coupe and the Infiniti Q60. This last is, without doubt, the most excitement is rising because it is a coupe that a priori you must have all the elements to conquer some good sales figures. Your design will be the main weapon, although it is expected that the performance is also one of the factors more eye-catching as a six-cylinder engine and two turbos will be installed under your hood.

Lincoln Continental

Lincoln is a brand that is purely american, but that does not mean that non of their models most special of all time again how a Phoenix reborn. The Lincoln Continental must be the ultimate expression of luxury american. A saloon of high-flying that we have almost seen the discovered. Detroit will be the scene of his presentation, and assured that their compatriots welcome him with great enthusiasm. You will not have the classic touch that always reminds you, but it sure is to the height of such a special designation.

Mercedes E-Class


We are facing one of the most important novelties of the year, the new E-Class

Not only is one of the most important novelties of the Detroit motor show, but that is one of the most important of the year 2016. Mercedes seems to have given your all with the new Class E. It not only grows in size but also in concept. Closer to the S Class than the Class C, the Mercedes E-Class 2016 will feature cutting-edge technology, a style more akin to the philosophy of the brand, and an interior that we’ve already seen and has left us without words. Also, their engines will be important, and you already have advance in the exclusive.

Porsche 911 Turbo

The new generation of the Porsche 911, the 991-2, has brought with it important developments. Beyond the light-duty aesthetic details changed, this generation will be known as the first to use turbo engines in the detriment of the traditional blocks atmospheric. However there has always been units are turbocharged, which once more have been reviewed. The Porsche 911 Turbo 2016 has been improved in all aspects, coming to show data on the performance absolutely breathtaking. Detroit will be the first public stage where let them see.

Toyota C-HR

While in Detroit we see it under the name of Scion C-HR, this will be submitted in Europe under the brand Toyota. It is a compact SUV with drive hybrid that will arrive to meet the needs of SUV of small size. Yet will it take to get to the dealers, but several test units are already finalizing its implementation in the Spanish roads. Soon we will see and know down to the last detail of it.

Volvo S90


A resurgence of spectacular, Volvo bet once more by the large sedans

Represents the return of Volvo to the big sedans. The Volvo S90 arrives to replace the almost forgotten S80, and your return will be splendid. With a design absolutely groundbreaking, the S90 will also technologies of last generation and with the always usual quality interior. Your goal is to compete with big names such as the BMW 7 Series or Mercedes s Class. But on this occasion it will also feature a family version, the Volvo V90, which has been leaked before time.