The most notorious accident in F1

You know what they were the most notorious accident in F1 ? We will tell you in our blog of Motor . The Formula 1 is a risky sport and we have unfortunately seen accidents on track with tragic endings and others, fortunately, have not had greater importance.

Los accidentes más sonados en F1

What has been the hottest in F1 accident?

Without going any further, it accident Fernando Alonso gives a lot of talk in national and international press. Still investigating the reasons why Spanish pilot suffered a concussion on 22 February at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Hope the Spanish accident pilot did not leave him any sequel, and in the absence of knowing more, in this article we will review accident hottest Formula 1 his followers can not forget:

Ayrton Senna. He was in San Marino Grand Prix in 1994 at Imola. The pilot had problems with the steering wheel and in the final round lived with his hand, causing crashed into a wall and suffered serious head injuries that ended his life. A major accident.

Robert Kubica. There was in 2007 in Canada, for a contact with Jarno Trulli collided head against the wall safe. Data were analyzed showed that the wall was placed incorrectly.

Jules Bianchi at the Japanese Grand Prix 2014. He lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the back of a crane. He is still recovering.

Roland Ratzenberger in 1994. The pilot crashed his car at 300 km / h due to the release of a front wing that produced a loss of adhesion causing fireball followed his career and crashed into the embankment .

Ronnie Peterson 1978 Grand Prix in Italy. James Hunt hit Peterson car causing it to crash into the protection and the front of the Lotus 78 was destroyed. To make matters worse, Vittorio Brambilla also crashed into Ronnie cause fire. They can make Peterson live but died days later of a stroke.

What do you think most notorious accidents in F1 which I have discussed in previous lines?

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