The most rare and remarkable of 2016 were two prototypes are forgotten Abarth


Abarth 1000 Monoposto da Record.

has Already been given by the conclusion of the season 2016 and in only a few days start officially 2017, with the first big event of the year, CES 2017, which will be preceded by the Detroit motor show just a few days after. The world of the classics is also premiering 2017 big with the first major event of the calendar, Concours dElegance Arizona and auctions of Scottsdale, of which we have already given a good progress in the last few weeks.

Of this last season we can point to many and great events, as well as some findings, such as the huge auction Duemila Route or the numerous rare pieces that have again come to light after many years away from the great view of the public.

But of all these there have been two that we can highlight with a difference, Two true unique pieces of Abarth loaded with a very high historical value and in addition they passed quite unnoticed in the auctions in which they appeared, after spending decades hidden in their respective collections. And what is more striking, despite the fever that continues to prevail in the world of the classics, none of them came to find buyer.


In 2016, appeared on sale the first prototype of the Lancia 037.

Lancia 037 Rally rack SE037-001

Speaking of the Lancia 037 Rally is to speak of a myth of the competition, a vehicle that is already part of the legend of the competition. Acclaimed and well-known even in those countries where the World Rally championship does not have much weight as it enjoys in Europe or Japan, the 037 is considered one of the most successful, beautiful and brutal sport of competition.

Born to compete in the wild Group B of the eighties, the Lancia 037 is a dinosaur to the current standard, however, its great success and purity have fact of the 037 an icon and a desirable model collectible, both in its variant racing like the Stradale-enrolled.

But as the entire vehicle had an initial development, and the red example we can see in the pictures is the first prototype created in that development, the real first prototype of the Lancia 037. Exemplary, widely used for the development of the 037 and that was even the employee in the wind tunnel of Pininfarina for aerodynamic testing.


despite its obvious historical value, there was no buyer in 2016.

For this reason, his appearance is very primitive and not even with the features definite and characteristic of the model, which already is intuited as a clear trend that shows the prototype SE037-001.

This specimen has spent the past few decades, safe and secure, first as a property of Abarth, the company that actually developed it, and later under the care of the engineer Sergio Limone, considered the father of the 037. In 2016, was part of the listing of the event on Bonhams in Monaco, where he estimated a value of around € 400,000.

Although, a priori, its value may not seem high, given the figures that will arrive to pay for parts less rare than this, a reserve price is quite high, it avoided to find buyer in this auction, where you can also an appointment was made for models such as the Peugeot 908 HDI FAP with Marc Gené and Jacques Villeneuve achieved the second place in Le Mans 2008.


Harvested up to 9 speed records in its day.

Abarth 1000 Monoposto Pininfarina

Just a month after the auction of Monaco, Gooding and Company had for its appointment of Monterey, this historic prototype. Called affectionately ‘La Principessa’, although it was also the name Abarth Monoposto da Record, this amazing streamliner was developed jointly by Abarth and Pininfarina, with the sole aim of breaking speed records.

The streamliners were vehicles very common in those early years that aerodynamics was beginning to become the science it is today, and there were many projects and initiatives that have adopted forms as radical and risky as the look of this prototype.

Was presented at the Salon of Turin in 1960, and during his short life managed to fulfill his objective up to nine times. Nine speed records who for years wore the name of this small Italian prototype of aluminum, such as those of the 10,000 kilometers (average speed of 191,03 km/h) or 72 hours (average speed of 186,68 km/h).


Your Cx was only 0,20.

Its small and lightweight aluminum body houses a small engine Fiat 1.0 liter 106 HP, more than enough to get the brand new continuous speed thanks to its extraordinary aerodynamic coefficient of 0.20.

For decades, this issue has remained static in its collection, and only in 2015 came out briefly for a photo session with photographer Piotr Degler. Its price was never published by the auction house, those interested should contact the own auction house. Again, a reserve price high resulted in this unique piece you will not find a new buyer.

as the first prototype of the Lancia 037 Rally, had
to go back to your lair
, although this time we hope that
take both back to see them again under the light of the sun.