The most rare Porsche racing gathered in the GP historic Zandvoort 2016


true icons of the motor in Zandvoort 2016.

This year, the Historic Grand Prix of Zandvoort already fulfilled its fifth edition, one of the appointments reserved to the classic competition of all time, which takes place as every year in the historical track Dutch. Although this appointment to be able to pass unnoticed among the big events of the calendar, such as the various competitions of elegance, taking place between August and September, or the crowds and media events at Goodwood, what is certain is that it has a great participation, and even the official presence of some brands.

In this edition, as in previous years, gathered in the Dutch population numerous sporting competition of very different eras and types. In the path we could see the stars of the different categories of circuits from the past few decades, from vehicles of the Groups 4 and 5 FIA from the seventies up to the cars of Formula 1, the era turbo in the eighties.

These will not only you could see exposed in the paddock, also you could enjoy to see them evolve on the circuit, so that the layout of Zandvoort was filled again with the roar without control of these, these genuine beasts of the past.


The path in Dutch is invaded by dozens of classic competition.

One of the brands that more presence had on the circuit, as in any event of this type in Europe, was no other than the German Porsche, in addition to participated officially. So for this edition managed to gather on this historic Grand Prix a few salient parts of his glorious sporting past.

These models of the German mark were some of the vehicles present more highlights from the event, in addition to the dozens of copies of the signature of Stuttgart the rest of the participants. Among these classic books we could find copies, as current and easily recognizable as the 911 GT1 alongside icons of the likes of the 917 or the saga 935.

Although that certainly woke up most admiration was the impressive 917/30 of Can Am, a beast that competed exclusively in the north american championship and that to day of today continues being considered one of the models of competition more wild of the story.


One of the sports racing more wild of the story.

This was the fruit of the collaboration between Porsche and Roger Penske, known for his extreme meticulousness and obsession with the smallest detail. The result was a barqueta two-seater open that weighed about more than light 800 kilos, and that it had a V12 flat 5.4-liter supercharged located between the driver and the huge rear wing, that to the maximum pressure of the turbo could throw a few 1.500 horses.

A monster similar only he was able to provide in the years wildest of the Can Am, at the beginning of the seventies, the championship with the rules more lax in the entire history of motorsport. The beautiful two-seater blue with the colors and the sponsors of the team of Roger Penske came to exceed 350 km/h on the oval of Talladega, a record that remained intact nearly two decades.

The maximum speed of this blue demon was estimated in excess of 400 km/h, although it was never brought to a track sufficiently prepared to be able to reach your maximum speed. Let us remember that we are talking about a vehicle with technology and tires of the early seventies. Their figures of acceleration ridicule more than a current model, the 0 to 100 km/h left him in little over 2 seconds, while the 0 to 160 km/h completed in just 3.9 seconds, and the 0 to 320 km/h in just 13.4 seconds.


The 911 GT1 and 917/30 posing.

it is Not surprising that this Porsche blue, one of the only six copies were manufactured, were one of the models photographed during the event on a path Dutch.

Other interesting models were the single-seater Toleman-Hart with the Ayrton Senna competed in his first year in the Formula 1 season in which already wowed all and sundry with his tremendous control on firm sliding.

BMW was also a brand that is very well represented, as not only could we find copies just as curious as the 3.0 CSL, in addition to the brand she was wearing the 3.0 CSL Hommage R, the version with war paint the 3.0 CSL Hommage concept, which was presented during the edition 2015 of the Monterey Car Week.


Porsche 935 “Moby Dick”.

finally, we cannot but highlight the models of Group C of the eighties, a whole very numerous in this edition, who were accompanied by their predecessors of the International Championship of Constructors. Of which and as could not be otherwise, also Porsche was leading brand, with the presence of the awesome 917 in version long tail, the spectacular 935 “Moby Dick” or the most current 956 and 962, which were the ultimate weapon and be unbeatable for years in the World Championship of Endurance.

The only ones who could stop them were the leaders of the FIA, who did the unspeakable to eliminate this championship so that it would not prejudice the hearing of their goose that lays the golden eggs, the Formula 1.

Ironically, the 962 was so good, that years after the disappearance of Group C returned to win Le Mans, since there was a road version made by Dauer, who was allowed to return to homologate the model in the nineties.


The 917 between the 956 and 911 GT1.

In sum, as you can see in the gallery attached, and in the video below, the historic Grand Prix of Zandvoort 2016 little or nothing to envy to other great events of the motor classic. And not just because of the official presence of brands like Porsche, but for the impressive influx of public and participating private.

An initiative very similar to that of the various events of our classic country, which, hopefully, can evolve to reach the level of these tests and european get to enjoy the attention of brands such as the German, who did parade around a museum by the layout of Zandvoort..