The MotoGP riders will have more tires in 2017


The meeting of the Grand Prix Commission, MotoGP held in the city of Madrid on the 2nd of December has served to approve some changes in the Motorcycling World championship ahead of the season 2017, the most important being the suppression of the tire intermediate Michelin in MotoGP. Although this compound is eliminated from the range of the manufacturer galo, the number of wet tyres and not dry would vary since Michelin will a rubber extra front and rear, thus seeking to expand the number of strategies that can be undertaken by the riders of the premier class.

The margin of this measure, have also been approved some other details in relation to the racing resumed and the process. In this aspect, it has been stated that any pilot who comes to the grill behind the Safety Car after completing the Warm Up, you must enter the pit lane and start the race from the pitlane. In turn, it has also been stipulated more clearly that a career interrupted with less than three laps contested implies that all the drivers will be starting the new test from his position as the original boot.

It also has been the hardening of the penalties for
excess speed in pit lane
. In this aspect, and after checking that it was not
a deterrent has indicated that the minimum fine pass from 150 to 200€,
although in the case of pilots recidivists) may be imposed penalties with
enhanced penalties or other sanctions determined according to the circumstances. All in all, in the aspect of discipline it should be
note that Dorna has created a ‘Commissioner of Appeal’ present in each
in order to solve the appeal to sanctions of the commissioners of the
FIMA during the event itself.