The mountain of junk the more expensive of the history


A Alfa Romeo Montreal sold for $ 15,000.

editor’s Note: despite the fact that other collections discovered in the past, such as the family Baillon, were significantly older, more expensive and even were in a worse state. We understand that these have a historical value and more importantly, of greater antiquity than that which occupies this article. In just a few decades, it has become a graveyard of vehicles, many of them already acquired and stored in poor conditions.

In the world of motorsports classic we can find so many types of collections and collectors in the world, and any model has its buyer, no matter how illogical that is. These maxims seem to have taken shape in the Collection Gérard Gompert. Because the images do not correspond to a scrap yard or cemetery of vehicles to use, but the garden of a former pilot of rally French, Gérard Gompert, “Gombe” to their acquaintances.

Gompert, already an old man, he cherished in his property in the south of France hundreds of cars, motorcycles, engines, parts memorabilia, and even a small boat and five caravans. All in the same disastrous, sloppy and wrinkled state that reflect the images.

Collection that we was surprised when we had proof of it in the past month of November, to publicize the auction in which it was offered to the full, when time after we have seen the results of the same simply we’ve been left without words. Since despite its calamitous state, have been sold each and every one of their vehicles and artifacts. And what is more impressive, the scrap of Gompert has managed to raise about 1.9 million euros in total.


One of the Lotus present in this special garden.

The total amount collected was 1.865.364 euros. And although this will leave a good part in taxes and the commission of the auction, organized by the French house Osenat, we can assume that the own Gompert will receive a number that will be between 1.0 and 1.5 million for cleaning up your garden.

Their particular property had already been the subject of some other article of specialized publications in the past, since Gompert accumulated dozens and dozens of vehicles, among which were some pieces quite rare and striking. Although like the rest of the garden, all of these parts were in a state that we can only define as unfortunate.

Careless and without appreciation, your collection has been overcome by the rust and nature’s own, the only purpose is to logical to such nonsense. Fortunately, it seems that after this auction, many rare and valuable specimens that have been hidden behind the walls of this finca can be rescued, and there were few.


One of the two Matra present.

In this mountain of junk we could find not a single one numerous vehicles with no commercial value or historical one, but some parts are very curious, among whom there were even some very rare. Although a priori the piece more eye-catching was the average Lamborghini Miura owned Gombert, the rear section to complete a Miura with its engine included, the star of the auction turned out to be one of the few vehicles that found shelter under the roof in the garden of Gompert, a prototype Alpine A210 competition.

This was able to achieve the best auction price, 872.800 euros despite being in a state really bad, needed urgently for a full restoration. Of frame number 1725 is one of the eight unique Alpine manufactured with the destination of the championship of resistance to the end of the sixties, participating in the 24 Hours of Le Mans on 3 occasions. Gombert was done in the decade of the seventies, and currently it does not have its engine and transmission complete original.

After this, we find the middle Lamborghini Miura mentioned, and although the auction house is not described as Gompert was made with, yes that suggests that it can be rebuilt, although this it seems very complicated. Is, or was a Miura S Series II, that were only 140 copies, and was sold for no less than 150,000 euros.


One of the numerous Alpine and devastated that we could find.

Another of the vehicles that stood out in the auction was a AC Bristol 1958, in this case, a unit that belonged to the French writer Françoise Sagan, whose taste for the sport was well known, was done with him that same year. Gombert bought it at the beginning of the decade of the seventies, being now quite changed with respect to how he left the factory in 1958.

despite its poor state, the Bristol was unable to reach the 150,000 euro in the auction Osenat. Being the third major price of the 291 lots that comprised the sale of the collection Gombert. After these three vehicles, a few managed to reach the 4 figures, and less surpassing the 10,000 euros, although it is understandable, given the generally poor state of all of the lots.

The majority of vehicles and objects from the collection were sold at very low prices. In many cases were sold in packs of several vehicles at once, although we are still surprised as absolutely everyone found a buyer. It was No wonder that the numerous Alpine, Matra or Lotus present, and even the bikes of brands already extinct is sold, but between all the sports and classics were also a multitude of ordinary vehicles, whose historical value is null and its value is material really is very limited.


One of the BMW, after the just sense of the disastrous garden.

This auction returns to us to demonstrate once more, that everything has its buyer, provided that the price is right.