The MP4-32 of McLaren-Honda passed the crash-tests of the FIA

Although other teams have past, McLaren seems to have focused on improving the design until the last minute, taking advantage of the time to the maximum. Not always pass the tests before you have to be a good thing, although it does not guarantee anything. Well, apparently the team has already exceeded these security tests performed by the FIA and would be prepared to finalise the details of their illness and start the pre-season.

The MP4-32 will be presented on the 24th day of February with the approval of the Federation on the requirements that must be met. So has stated the team on their official Twitter account: “After a lot of hard work, I want to give thanks to those who helped us to pass the crash tests of the FIA. Now to paint it…!“, so it has been given to know about this event in social networks.

Eric Boullier McLaren Honda

in Addition, in spite of the pessimism which has been lifted all the Spanish media, Boullier has shown optimistic and has ensured that the development is one of its strengths. Expected improvements for each race and says that the correlation of the data provided by the simulator, wind tunnel and CFD are very good. What they bring to the track brings more performance, and that is important.

The French have also attempted to explain the stagnation we have had in 2016, ensuring that are focused squarely on 2017 fairly soon and, although they could have progressed a little more and reduce the distance with the other teams, they decided to put the resources into this new design. On the other hand also redesigned the concept and changed the way of working within McLaren, something that has not helped them in the past year, but that will be a good basis for this. Change the methodology takes time for an adaptation of the members of the team and to see the results, as explained by the galo…