The multimedia system Uconnect from FCA receives Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

FCA Android Auto Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay in Uconnect

more and more automotive brands that make a reality of the agreements signed with Google and Apple to integrate it in their computers multimedia operating systems Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. On the occasion of the CES Las Vegas 2016, FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) announced that the fourth generation of the multimedia equipment Uconnect provide the functionalities of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The company italoamericana has presented the new generation of Uconnect with a prototype of touch screen 12.1″, the largest to date in this system. This new multimedia system with Android Auto and CarPlay will be available globally this same 2016 in certain models, even without specifying, the group’s FCA.

FCA Android Auto Apple CarPlay

Android Auto in Uconnect

The teams Uconnect fourth generation will be screens capacitive with faster response time, a switch-on time smaller, more brightness and resolution and more powerful processors. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be available on the computers UConnect screen 8.4″ and browser and other teams still to be determined. Both brackets allow you to connect the smartphone using a USB cable and use the different functions of our own phone with a full integration and safe.

the main feature of The multimedia system Uconnect fourth generation with these systems is that in the bottom of the screen will be showing the classic menus of any model with Uconnect, and, in last position, the button of Android Auto or CarPlay, depending on the connected device. It will be possible to listen to music with a dedicated application, using the browsers of each operating system, or you have all the information from our phone book and voice control of Siri and Google Now. The consumption data will affect the rate that we have hired our mobile.

Source – FCA