The muscle advertising of Red Bull, from Oman to Lebanon

there Is no doubt that Red Bull Racing is the team that best manages the marketing in the current Formula 1. The fruit of the philosophy of its own brand of energy drinks Dietrich Mateschitz and the muscle advertising that exhibits in any category and discipline, the training has brought the excitement of the Formula 1 up to the sites and countries more remote. In his latest showrun, David Coulthard has driven the Red Bull RB7 on the streets of Muscat, the capital of Oman. Up to 10,000 spectators gathered in the Park to Riya, to be able to see it in action at the Formula 1 season 2011.


“I Hope that this promotional event will help to develop the racing culture in the country. We travel all over the world and each time I am amazed because children and even women are attending these demonstrations. Is a unique experience, here we had the opportunity to experience the hospitality of the omanis and discovered his passion for motorsport” explained a David Coulthard delighted the fans present with the RB7, despite the rain that accompanied him during a great part of this showrun. However, was not the only vehicle present on the streets of Muscat.

Fruit of the new agreement signed by Red Bull and Aston Martin, the pilot omani Ahmad Al Harthy raced a drive of the Aston Martin Vulcan, the super sports car circuit that has been developed by the british firm in recent times and that does not have approval to drive on the road. Double show that you will soon receive another country, because as was recently announced, Carlos Sainz will do a showrun in the streets of Beirut, in Lebanon. The next show Red Bull will take place on may 22 and in this case the large star will be the Spanish pilot Toro Rosso.