The Mustang “Bullit” Steve McQueen has been found!

“One small step for man, one giant step for mankind” So it is as it should be remembered this milestone; at least for the automotive world. After several decades disappeared, it has been found in Mexico one of the cars most iconic of all time, the Mustang “Bullit” driven by Steve McQueen.

For the filming of the acclaimed delivery, were used two Ford Mustang 1968. The car was found in a scrap yard in Baja California (Mexico). Currently, the Mustang is in good hands, being restored in the united States by one of the greatest experts of the Ford vehicles.

Ralph Garcia Jr (owner of a restoration workshop at Paramount and manufacturer of replicas Mustang Eleanor) was the one who first recognized, together with her partner Hugo Sanchez, the peculiar silhouette of this Mustang. Look at it carefully and after checking the number on the frame, many of the features of the Mustang coincided with the model used to shoot the famous scene from “Bullit” Steve McQueen behind the wheel.

at The beginning, doubted the veracity of such finding. In fact, it was quite believable that we could be faced with a replica well built where, until the number of chassis located in the rack, could have been modified with the purpose of “copy” to the original model. Especially taking into account its high quote…

For this reason intervened Kevin Marti. Expert in Ford models and very specifically in Mustang. After a thorough check; where not only would the chassis number but also numerous modifications that were made for the filming, confirmed the accuracy of the model. Actually it was the model used in “Bullit”.

As mentioned above, we used two Ford Mustang. The main model is perfectly located. On this occasion, we speak of the model “bridge”; that is, based on a second plane different scenes.

Now what’s going to happen with him? Ralph Garcia Jr has decided. The model as it stands can reach a value of $ 1 million. However, the owner wants to do it out as the first day and to do this; submit to this iconic pony to a complete restoration.

Source – Ford