The MWC leaves us a preview on connectivity, 5G and its benefits to the autonomous car


The driving simulator remote is real

MWC 2017 has closed its doors. This edition has left us with a landing important when technology and new models from the automotive world. Among them we have been able to see the Peugeot Instinct Concept, SEAT e-Mii 2017 or the Ford Autolivery Concept, are some of the surprises that we have left this salon international technological.

from 27 February to 2 March, the Catalan capital has become the exhibitor of world technological firsts. But of course, we cannot speak of the MWC without stressing the that is of interest to the fans of the engine. The innovations presented that, in a few years, we may see them implemented in our day-to-day behind the wheel… Or without a steering wheel.

In the section on connectivity and autonomous car, Telefónica and Ericsson, in collaboration with the Royal Institute Swedish Technology (KTH) and Applus + applus + idiada, have created the driving simulator remote most developed in the world.

¿How it works this demo?


Telefónica and Ericsson make the project possible

The simulator is based on a spectrum of high frequency (15Ghz) with connection 5G between the car, -located 70 Km away by road and 50 km in a straight line- and the prototype. This revolutionary demo driving distance and in real time shows the reliability, lta data capacity and low latency of the networks 5G; element key for driving remote car.

The driver under remote control experience, and control the driving thanks to the video of high-fidelity with a maximum 4K resolution, and sensors that transmit from the vehicle to the seat of this advanced simulator, all the elements with which a vehicle can interact in our day-to-day inside the car.

Its purpose is not other, and they show us the , high performance features that will be offered in a future, this type of connection for the possibility of making a driving distance with a perfect synchronization and without any type of problem. Specifically, Telefónica, tells us that this type of network, with a bandwidth as large, could get a handle on up to 50 cars at a distance without perceiving any latency or sync issues. A lot.


¿Lead to distance? There will be No limitations

¿When will it be available this network for your enjoyment?

Telefónica and Ericsson are immersed in the study for the implementation of the future network 5G, both in laboratory as in field tests. For the moment we still have a wait time to be able to enjoy this kind of connection in our daily lives. These giants of the communications hope that such a connection to be operational by the end of 2018 or early 2019 to go himself little by little in our telephone transmissions or data.