The mysterious NextEV of 1.360 CV is hunted rolling in Nürburgring


Image taken at the Nürburgring.

Days before of its official presentation, has been seen rolling at the Nürburgring the mysterious, sporty electric NextEV, which add validity to a project, which by the data announced, had been passed by another of the innumerable initiatives that each year they try to bring to the life of a supercar, without success.

just a few weeks Ago, NextEV announced that would be his first model of the street, a sporty all-electric, by the few data that the brand offered, actually arriving on the streets will become one of the hiperdeportivos more powerful in the market. Although its presentation was apparently fixed for the next month of November, these early images reveal the model in full and without any camouflage whatsoever.

This model fully electric would be a central engine that will produce the wild figure of 1,000 kW of power or 1.360 CV. With similar horsepower would be able to reach 100 km/h from standstill in just 3 seconds and its price would be around the million and a half dollars.


One of the first pictures of the model, caught fleetingly in the Uk.

The project NextEV is born of the chinese team NextEV TCR that currently competes in the Formula E, and despite being very young has big names in its leadership. Founded by William Li -founder of BitAuto, a provider of Internet services and marketing for the motor industry of china, its Vice-president is Martin Leach, previously former CEO of Maserati, former President of Ford of Europe and a former executive of Mazda.

The company has offices in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Munich, Beijing, Hong Kong and London. It is precisely in California achieved recently license to be able to test vehicles driving autonomously, so a priori the project seems to be of some importance, not limited to a design modelled on a rack, or a simple scale model.

the division of The company seems to have separated, since while the headquarters is located in China, the software development is done in California and the design studio is located in Munich, where it is precisely designed not yet baptized sporty electric.


The first teaser of the spectacular sports electric.

so that you can see in the short video, the model seems to fully finished and functional, and although the brand revealed recently that the model has entered its testing phase, in the video you can clearly see as it is followed by a vehicle camera. So we understand that your presence at the Nordschleife should not be a test, but a more than likely filming promotional, prior to their presentation.

as revealed by the brand, this sport would be the first of a whole range of electric models that will hit the market in a few years.