The mysterious patent for a new version of the LaFerrari belongs to an old concept

The famous sketches of the patent.

few days Ago I brought some sketches that Ferrari had patented recently. These showed a new version heavily reworked for the LaFerrari, with an exterior treatment that would modify severely their appearance, but that still retained certain elements unchanged, as the lines in the cockpit, pillars and doors included.

This made us think to all the media that it was a possible version one-off or a special edition to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the brand. However, the reality is another.

In the first place is not a new model, but old. Specifically, it is a concept that, in theory, happens to be one of the design proposals culled from the LaFerrari and what is more striking, has been exposed all these years in the Ferrari World of Abu Dhabi.

Images of the model in Abu Dhabi.

In fact, have been the readers themselves of the release Motor1 you have called the attention on this model to scale is exposed in the theme park, in the area intended for concepts.

however, the existence of this model does not explain why the brand has decided to register just now, years after you have exposed.

One of the possible theories is that really the company is involved in a project of one-off, for a wealthy client interested in the model, and therefore, have been seen in the obligation register. It should be noted that the concept has not been precisely quiet in your stand in Abu Dhabi, as well show the readers, has undergone modifications during this time. Initially did not have the LED optics that we can see now and that also appear in the sketches of the patent.

previous Image of the model in Abu Dhabi, without the optical LED.

The theory of the one-off or the special edition are, therefore, quite logical, however there is a second option, the new theme park Ferrari in Spain. The inauguration of the Ferrari World in Port Aventura will be in 2017 and it probably has a section similar concepts, so that if this model is in Abu Dhabi, we can also find it in the park european.

so, and to be clear that it was not registered in Europe, it is reasonable to think that the mark registered design in the european patent office, as it has done.

For the moment, we wait to see if it really
we will come to see the model in the street
, or simply exposed in lso
theme parks of the mark.