The new Alfa Romeo Giulietta will arrive on February 24

Alfa Romeo Giulietta invitaciónwe Already knew that was not known to the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The facelift of the compact Italian can be seen in march, during the Geneva 2016. Although everything points to that we will know prior to this event, as the brand would have organized a filing private for a privileged few, and whose invitation seems to have been filtered.

more Specifically, the next February 24, will take place in Mirafiori (Italy) this “feast” in which some employees will be able to meet the new Giulietta. Remember that this model is not a new generation, but a ‘restyling’ that will bring changes to both aesthetics as to the technological level to which the compact is again at the height of their nearest rivals.

Recreación del nuevo Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Recreation of the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta

we Already knew that this model would receive strong influences of the new saloon, the Alfa Romeo Giulia. These modifications are noticeable especially in the front, where we could highlight a few new riders and grille redesigned following the example of his ‘big brother’. The image would be quite sporty thanks to air intakes of greater dimensions.

The rear would remain almost intact, with the same rear lights. Other elements that premiered would be a palette of colors for your body and new designs for their tires. In the interior is also expected to receive updates. The technology and connectivity would increase to incorporate the new generation of the multimedia system Uconnect. In the range of engines is not expected to have major changes, even though they are shuffling to replace the version of ‘Quadrifoglio Verde’, another named ‘Veloce’ with the same engine 1.75 TBI.

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