The new Astra will be police car in the Uk

The Police in the Uk will have new vehicles coming soon, and all of them will be Opel. Or Vauxhall, such a property that, as the british manufacturer (belonging to General Motors, and sister brand Opel in the Uk) has signed an agreement with the Police and will be their main supplier of cars for the next two years.

Between 2016 and 2017, Vauxhall delivered to the Police of the United Kingdom more than 2,000 vehicles, and they include models such as the Corsa, Insignia and van Vivaro. However, the more numerous will be the Astra: more than 1,200 units will be part of the police forces, british.

This figure is still lower than that recently announced it was the Seat Leon, with up to 4,000 units for the police of italy. In this case it is the agreement of purchase of vehicles most important signed by the Uk Police. The appearance of the Vauxhall Astra police will be the one that you can see in these images, and includes the labeling of your body or the blue emergency lights on roof and front.

Between the equipment of these Astra police is the OnStar system, which includes connectivity to the internet via mobile networks-4G and a special feature for all of these vehicles: a ignition lock, which can be activated remotely in case of theft. It is curious, because a police car is stolen it seems that the height of the highs, but it seems that all caution is little…

A total of 28 police forces in the Uk will receive these Astra’s, all of them manufactured on british soil, in the plant of Vauxhall from Ellesmere Port (Cheshire). You have not given more details about what engine or finishing equip these Astra police, although the more likely it is that incorporate a motor 1.6 CDTi diesel, low consumption, together with the equipment most basic: do not include antinieblas front, for example.

finally, the Vauxhall Astra is virtually identical to the Opel Astra that is sold in the rest of Europe and here in Spain: only you’ll find differences in details such as the logos of the brand and a driving position with the steering wheel to the right.