The new Audi A7 Sportback 2018 during their tests on video


The new generation of the A7 is near the point.

On several occasions I have shown images of the new generation of the Audi A7, another one of the models of the brand from Ingolstadt, which is about to receive its renewal. This will be the second generation of the sporty sedan, and like its predecessor, will occupy the intermediate step between the A6 and A8, with a proposal for a design more sporty and dynamic. Both models also face a renewal, in the case of the A8precisamente morning we will attend your presentation, from the event Audi Summit the company held in the city of Barcelona.

As we have seen, by the numerous spy photos that we have shown the model in the last few weeks, in which they even discovered the new variant S7, the new generation of the sport sedan will share the same traits as their future brothers of range, belonging to the new design language of the firm, pioneered with the Audi Prologue Concept from 2014, as we will show in the last recreation I present the model.

The new design embraces the straight lines and polygonal in its main features, as the optical systems or the grille Singleframe, which appears hexagonal shape, a very marked and flatter than ever. However, in the body panels, we will find ways smoothed and less rugged than the items mentioned above.


Should be presented in Frankfurt by 2017.

As we can see in the video below, the volumes and the proportions of the new A7 remain unchanged with respect to its predecessor, a long front hood and a roomy cabin whose roof line extends to the end of the rear, giving this silhouette, and behind that is a characteristic of the German model.

Although aesthetically it’s not going to change too much, Audi is going to implement many changes in the new model, starting with the employment of the platform MLB Evo in the VAG Group, which will allow the new generation of the A7 significantly reduce your weight and increase stiffness, in addition to allow them to expand the range of mechanical options, such as a possible variant plug-in hybrid for the first time in the history of the model. Since this platform could allow.

By the time we are not sure of your possible date of submission, but having regard to the state of the test units that we have been able to hunt in the recent times would not be unreasonable to think of an imminent revelation. The possible date that most resonates is that of the Frankfurt show 2017, which will be held from the 14 to the 24 of September of this same year.