The new Audi A8 will be strolling the red carpet of the Premiere of the new movie Spider-Man

As many have been able to observe, in the Marvel movies there are cars that attract attention above the rest. In the film Captain America: Civil War, there is one scene that is clearly an Audi SQ7 in the chase that has a Black Panther with Bucky or in the Iron Man films, such as the Audi R8 is the personal car of Tony Stark.

That a car appears in a movie is another way of marketing. Big brands are taking this way to publicize their products, as can be Pepsi or Apple, among many other. Also the same thing happens in series, for example, in the series Silicon Valley, used laptops Microsoft; or music video clips.

This practice of advertising is something normal nowadays, and Audi has managed to take advantage of it. Now, in the Premiere in Los Angeles of the new movie of Spider-Man entitled Spider-Man: Homecoming, Audi has led a copy of its sedan representation, the new Audi A8.

This new A8, the German brand will be officially launched in the Audi Summit in Barcelona the 11th of July, incorporates new features for the new generation. For example, the new model of Audi has what, technically, is called a “level 3” in terms of driving autonomously. We will see how it works in a scene in the movie, in which one of the characters uses the artificial intelligence of the car to dodge traffic. I would bet that this is Tony Stark.

The next generation of the Audi A8, in addition to driving technology autonomous, it will point to the “fashion” of the hybrid cars, with new engines that incorporate this system. In addition to the saloon representation of the mark of Ingolstadt, we may see other models in the new movie of Spider-Man, as the latest generation of the Audi TT.

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