The new Audi A8 will receive hybrid engines for all versions

Audi A8Without doubt the shift towards a new way of understanding the car, both mechanically and technologically it is closer than ever. Brands such as the japanese Lexus lead betting for several years for the hybrid technologies, making its entire range of vehicles with this technology as the only option, and the supercars-fastest today in day are equipped with electric motors which serve them as support at the time of achieving best figures of acceleration.

Now, it is Audi that will incorporate their new model, the A8, hybrid systems in all of its versions. The new A8, which will be presented probably at the Frankfurt motor show this year, will use more aluminum in its construction, as well as elements of magnesium and carbon fiber with the goal of reducing your weight.

“First we’ll start with the A8, and then follow with the other models. The plan is to implement the hybrid system quickly in other models.” said Alexander Kruse, head of hybrid systems in Audi.

Audi A8

The goal: to Be more efficient than its rivals

new Audi A8 will contain more aluminum than any of its previous versions, some 58%, and in addition they used magnesium, which is a 28% lighter than aluminium, and carbon fiber. The magnesium will be used in the bar of turrets in front, while the carbon fiber is used as reinforcement for the cabin occupants, all for to increase the security.

Together with this reduction of weight, the new A8 to debut new engines of six, eight and even twelve cylinders. The base versions will be equipped with V6 engines, while the top of the range fitting a W12 engine, counting all of them, with hybrid technology.

Audi A8

“The new Audi A8 will have a power system of 48 volts -both the variants petrol as well as diesel-. All A8” said the head of engine design Andreas Frohlich.

The engineers of Audi are forecasting that will save around 0.7 litres per 100 kilometres thanks to this technology on the V6 engine. The head of hybrid systems, Alexander Kruse, opened the possibility to variants hybrid plug-in that would have a great autonomy for the mode, EV -all-electric-.

At the forefront of driving autonomous

in Addition to the hybrid technology and the inclusion of new materials for the production of the new A8, the berlin representation of the German mark would be driving technology autonomous advanced. This means that the A8 will be able to take completely control of the car, allowing the driver to relax.

This technology will rely on sensors of type long-range radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors, high resolution cameras, and scanners laser with the purpose of be monitored at all times the environment of the car. In fact, thanks to these components, the A8 will be able to drive through the traffic to a maximum speed of 60 km/h.

Audi A8In the part of lighting, a sector in which Audi innovates much as you could see with your headlights Matrix LED, would be working in the integration of headlights with LED organic.

(infotainment would be a new gesture control system to something more advanced that which you could see in the new facelift of the Volkswagen Golf. This new system will provide the occupants the ability to answer calls or change between radio stations without touching any button.

The interior design will be inspired by the concept Prologue, created by the head of design Marc Lichte. The design will have a modern touch, as could not be otherwise, counting as well with the new steering wheel, which we could already see in the Q8.

Source – AutoExpress

Audi A8
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