The new Audi Q2 be closer to us with these two teaser

audi-q2 (1)We have a good number of months talking about the next SUVS from the brand of the rings, the Audi Q2, a model that will be presented imminently. Just two days ago company with headquarters in Ingolstadt began to play with us by posting a teaser on where it appeared the range Q insinuating that they awaited the arrival of a todocamino access to the family. Now the firm teaches us two teaser this time more revealing of this Audi Q2 in which we can guess a few parts of the vehicle.

Nothing less than the four years it takes Audi to develop its new Q. And it is not for less, the brand wants access to a market in which I could take a piece of cake big enough if you know to give with the key. At present, in this B-segment-SUV premium only there is the Mini Countryman, so if you make a quality product, the bet may be safe. In October ended its development starting with a period of pre-production and seems to finally is ready to get to the market.

audi-q2 (2)If we look at the two teaser that come to us, we can draw some conclusions. In both cases, the vehicle is covered but only subtly revealing its forms, as expected, are of a todocamino of compact measures. pilots, both rear as front, they are among the few accessories that we can see more clear, being similar to that of the new Q7 with straight lines and angular.

The upcoming Audi Q2 will be mounted in the MQB platform that uses the Audi A3 and will have a large range of mechanical in which you can select both engines three and four cylinders. In the same way it is rumored that within a period of time will get a hybrid version and another RS of nothing less than 300 horsepower. Will be presented at the Geneva motor show.

Source – Audi