The new Audi Q2 is hinted at in another teaser, this time we can see it in motion

Audi Q2One of the major innovations that will leave the Geneva motor show is the new todocamino of the family Q of the brand of the rings, the Audi Q2. The model will be positioned below the Q3, which means that you will have a body more compact than this and will land in a segment below the same, a niche market where you will have to deal with the Mini Countryman. Few days ago we were able to see a new teaser of this small SUV that could be seen the shapes of their optical, now the brand launches a video where we can see it in motion.

Missing very little for us to see it as of right, but until then, the German company us what is going to make them go very wrong putting the honey on the lips. Are not too revealing the breakthroughs that we are coming, something to use as a part of logic, although the last that had been published if let us guess most of the forms of the model. Again, taking the mysterious hanging a video where it is seen from high above the Audi Q2 with a yellow paint intense rolling down a dirt road.

audi-q2 (1)As I have mentioned, the new Q2 will disembark in the B-segment-SUV, using it to shape their body the MQB platform that is already used by the Audi A3. So that we could see in the teaser above the shapes of their optical will be similar to those seen in the new Audi Q7 so they will be angular and straight not leaving site to rounded lines. The new model of Audi has finished its development and is ready to be submitted to, and subsequently reach the market.

The Audi Q2 will feature an extensive list of engines being available mechanical four-and three-cylinder. Will probably have to be a hybrid variant in the supply time after the start of its commercial life and a radical alternative, with the distinctive RS of about 300 horse power.


Source – Audi