The new Audi TT RS in video: so roaring, so sound, its 5-cylinder engine and its 400 HP

Was the big surprise of the day yesterday. Audi introduced us to one of their most anticipated sporting, that we can now enjoy, and listen to, in this video of an Audi TT RS 2016. Rage, muscle, power, and sportiness, the latest version sports the new Audi TT is presented with nothing more and nothing less than 400 HP of power, extracted from a five-cylinder engine, turbo, and quattro. An Audi TT on steroids that will make us vibrate, especially after seeing this first promotional video, shot, by the way, in Spain.

For different reasons, Audi continues to rely on the five-cylinder engine in line for your Audi TT RS, by benefits, by elasticity, and as a reason or consequence for its sound. And there is more to listen to how to roar these Audi TT RS when up turns, up to the red zone above 8,000 rpm, rolling fund in the circuit of Guadix, or by the roads that cut through a natural landscape as beautiful as Cabo de Gata.

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I don’t know you, but we are already looking forward to testing it.

But now the big question that we have is another. We know that below the V10 there has to be an Audi R8 more modest. We know that, at its launch, the first Audi R8 with V8 engine just delivering 420 HP of power. It is not much more in comparison with 400 HP that delivery of the new Audi TT RS with only five cylinders.

what we’ll End up seeing this engine in a container so athletic, so incredible, by its design, for its layout mid-engine and two-seater, like the Audi R8?

Source: Audi
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