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The Bentley Bentayga is the new SUV Bentley . Although his first SUV really Dominator was called, was not sold in public circuits was an exclusive for the Sultan of Brunei based on the Range Rover second generation copy. The Bentayga will be sold in the mass market and will be one SUV of luxury that will face the top model of the Porsche Cayenne or Range Rover versions, which aims to overcome with extreme luxury and refinement unmatched in the world of SUV . The news is a manufacturer of 1:18 scale miniatures have filtering the new Bentley Bentayga scale , with great detail. Let’s find out.

A 1:18 scale model has released the hare. In the Internet age, the images fly.

The resemblance to the Bentley EXP 9 F is reasonable, but with a clear aspect of production , as anticipated by spy photos. Bentley knew that was going to be conservative with the new Bentayga. It is therefore not surprising that a front that looks straight out of the Continental range, with which it shares the scheme of double lighthouse and large grille Bentley. Big tires fit into a side profile which is one of the main hallmarks of the car: A passage of rear wheel with presence and personality . Because it really is very little defense staff, great optics, many chrome flat and two exhaust outlets.

bentayga-leak-1 With respect to the interior or its engines, we are still in the dark. We hope that the interior is opulent and refined style of the Bentley Continental range, which also inspire his features. The engine family twin-turbo Volkswagen Group will find a spacious room under the hood of Bentayga: it is expected that 4.0 V8 TFSI and new 6.0 W12 TFSI with powers up to 650 hp completed moving the Bentayga. We know that SUV have certain off-road capabilities, but I doubt their owners risking damage your machine over 200,000 euros on a rocky road full of dead branches.

What is not quite see the appeal of this SUV . Sounds like a smart machine, but is too sober and conservative . Thus running the risk of going unnoticed in the Range Rover or the future SUV Rolls-Royce, which will boast higher doses of personality. It remains to be seen whether this SUV impresses or becomes a SUV more in a time when the crossover are trapping many consumers SUV traditional. In any case, something tells me that the Bentayga be successful in markets in the Middle, East China and Russia. It will also work well among the upper classes of the United States.


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