The new Bentley Continental GT, 2018 can be seen in Nürburgring

Bentley Continental GT 2018 - foto espía

The new Bentley Continental GT is caught testing at the Nürburgring.

After several months without being able to “lay a glove” on the new Bentley Continental GT, finally our photographers have been able to get the hang of it with their goals thanks to that Bentley has decided to perform a series of tests with a unit in the well-known Nürburgring. The development of the long-awaited renovation of the Continental GT to debut major changes with this new generation.

And that is the new Bentley Continental GT 2018 will break with the schemes that the model we had used since its launch more than a decade ago. The mark of Crewe has decided to break so healthy and a proof of that are these spy photos. In the first place, we must bear in mind that under the new bodywork of the Bentley Continental GT you will find a new architecture. More specifically, the platform MSB.

it Is a platform that has been designed jointly with Porsche and many more models will use it. Thanks to the adoption of this new architecture, the guys from Bentley will be able to add to the range of mechanical hybrid if they so wish. For the moment we do not know all the versions that will make up the range, although we assume that the engines most classic and iconic will be there. That is to say, we will continue to have at our disposal the W12 engine maximum power of about 600 horse power.

Bentley Continental GT 2018 - foto espía

Bentley will launch on the market the new Continental GT in the year 2018.

Although the unit that we have photographed has hardly changed with respect to the we hunt there for the month of march, it jumps to the view that the new Continental GT will benefit from a design more sporty character. To do this, you will have a lower ceiling as well as a silhouette more streamlined and elongated.

And the Bentley Continental GT will not be the only novelty that we will see, as his brother convertible, the Continental GT Cabrio also will own and benefit from all the developments in the model of body-coupe. If you well, is expected to be presented a few months later, although we cannot rule out that both models were released simultaneously.

¿When will he be presented? What is clear is that the new Bentley Continental GT will make act of presence in some time in the year 2018. What is still to be seen is if his presentation will take place in early or mid of this year. In any case, we still have a few years to see the long-awaited renewal of the model that saw the light beyond by the year 2003.