The new BMW 5-Series Touring 2017 is decked out with accessories M Performance

BMW Serie 5 Touring 2017 M Performance

So it looks like the new BMW 5-Series Touring 2017 with accessories M Performance.

As if a practice it were, a few days after that a new model of BMW to be introduced, the German mark shows us his vision more sporty and spicy, thanks to the accessories line BMW M Performance. The last to receive this optional package of sporty styling exterior and interior, has been the new BMW 5 Series Touring that, after being revealed recently, has made its debut at the Geneva Auto show in march 2017.

once the new BMW 5-Series Touring 2017 to reach dealers will be offered next to the line of accessories BMW M Performance to add a plus of excitement and a certain air radical to a family of image sober and elegant. However, in addition to those in-focus elements to modify the design and appearance that has the 5-Series Touring, we are also interesting novelties for the section mechanic.

Inside of the line BMW M Performance find the kit potentiation with which, for example, the 540i xDrive Touring you can increase its power up to 360 HP (265 kW) and 500 Nm of maximum torque. In addition to gaining a few horses for extra power and more torque, has optimized the response of the engine and the traction to offer a more sporty driving experience.

BMW Serie 5 Touring 2017 M Performance

The debut of the new BMW 5 Series Touring has taken place at the Geneva motor show 2017.

As an optional accessory and can be purchased separately a exhaust system M Performance with their respective stainless steel muffler that besides ensuring a sound characteristic, adds a certain visual appeal to the whole of the outside. Depending on the engine and the version in which it is equipped, the outputs will be of round shape or trapezoidal in chrome finish or carbon fiber.

we Also have on the table a new set of brakes of higher performance, different settings for the suspension and a few new alloy wheels light 20-inch available in two finishes: Orbit Gray or Bi-Color. These new rims are wrapped in tyres 245/35 R20 (front axle) and 275/30 R20 (rear axle).

To all this we must add the body kit composed of different pieces PUR or carbon fiber both for the front bumper, rear, rear diffuser as well as some new housings for the wing mirrors, and a grille finished in black. And the flagship M Performance has been added in several places from the outside so as not to leave room for doubt.

BMW Serie 5 Touring 2017 M Performance

Details of the interior of the BMW 5-Series Touring 2017 with accessories M Performance.

Leaving to one side the outside, and taking a look at the
images of the passenger compartment, the package BMW M Performance allows us to give a specific finish to the seams of the
upholstered in Alcantara
or several specific details present in the
sports steering wheel, for example.