The new BMW 6 Series GT 2017 reveals to us more details


The 5-Series GT becomes the new 6-Series GT.

Before your presentation, the successor of the BMW 5-Series GT already gave us the first surprise, on the basis of the next generation will change its name to the 6-Series GT. Unexpected movement, but that sheds some light to the future of the current 6-Series, which was in question before the arrival of a new sport model and the resurrection of the defunct 8 Series.

The variant of body GT, the most controversial of all of the range BMW, has not left gain followers in the last few years, being already available both in the 3 Series as the 5 Series.

Since the first prototypes were hunted, we were able to appreciate how the new generation adopt the features already seen in the new BMW 5 Series, recently introduced, in addition to soften the most controversial of your body, behind, and above all its integration with the rest of the line of the model.


The rear now appears more seamless.

In this new generation, the waist line seems to flow slightly wedge, up to a rear elevated, in which the C-pillar appears very inclined and thick, offering a more solid.

Although to the naked eye, this and recent prototypes spotted are very much like the 5 Series GT, current, what is certain is that it is not a merca evolution, since, like the 5 Series, the seventh-generation, will be based on the new platform CLAR.

Premiered by the current 7-Series, this new architecture is made of lightweight materials, using high-strength steels and aluminum to reduce weight.


Your presentation will be in Geneva 2017.

The new generation of the 6 Series GT will have the same advances pioneered on the 5 Series, 2017, systems like infotainment or driver assistance, and options as diverse as the Remote 3D View or the spectacular key display. Likewise, you will have a range of engines and transmissions shared with this, so that all the effects we can expect an evolutionary leap considerable.

One of the innovations that we see in the prototype pictures is the circular element of the lower area of the front bumper, which evidence the presence of some sensor or detection mechanism.

The commercialization of this new generation will take place in 2017,
so that your arrival is expected at the beginning of the year, with a likely date of
presentation at the Salon of Geneva 2017.