The new BMW 7 Series arrives in Mexico

These days BMW of Mexico completes its offer of passenger cars with the vehicle of representation with which they must face up to the exquisite Mercedes Class S. The new 7 Series gives an important qualitative leap in all aspects.

BMW-Serie-7-2015-1l BMW 7 Series was missing one important update to be able to face up to its more direct rivals, scarce, but very hard. With the new generation solves the issue by offering a product very attractive, technologically advanced and more efficient than its predecessor.

In a first phase of launch will only be offered three variants in Mexico, two with the body standard, and another with the battle lengthened. In this last case, the rear seats are the ones that win in space, with more room for the legs, and a configuration more exquisite if it should be.

BMW-Serie-7-2015-3All the 7-Series is marketed in combination with the level of termination Excellence that includes practically everything. Among the most notable there is that to mention the leather upholstery, trimmed in wood, navigation system, displays of seven inches for the squares later, Wi-Fi, gesture control system from BMW, hard disk, controlled suspension, alloy wheels, automatic climate control, etc

In terms of safety the new models include the optics with LED technology and, in the case of the most complete, with the Laser technology that further improves the visibility in night driving. There is no lack of the usual controls of traction and stability, ABS, active cruise control, emergency call in case of an accident, etc

BMW-Serie-7-2015-4The more affordable option takes the appellation 740i and is equipped with a six-cylinder engine with 326 HP of power in combination with a box of eight-speed automatic. Above are the 750i and 750iL block 4,4 litres 449 HP of power attached to the same transmission.

The recommended prices for Mexico are the following:

  • 740i 326 HP 8AT 1.474.900 pesos (86.527 dollars)
  • 750i 449 HP 8AT 1.949.900 pesos (114.393 dollars)
  • 750i Long 449 HP 8AT 2.249.900 pesos (131.993 dollars)