The new BMW 7 Series has a key from which you can park distance


Bmw-Serie-7-2015-Estacionamiento-A-Distancia-1 A yer met the new generation of the BMW 7 Series and had a look of [1.99901 million] new technologies that will be available in 2015. One of its format which was more caught our attention was the possibility park the car using the remote control without the driver is in the vehicle.

Cn push of a button on the key, the 7 Series can enter and exit the garage.

While technology is a trick, it would still be spectacular.

through a promotional videos released by the German house, one of them shows us considerable detail the elements of comfort and technology present in the new Series 7 among which is the aforementioned remote parking system. This is a very practical system that [1.99901 million] allows the driver to park the car by remote control especially in garages that are too narrow to open the doors.

Through BMW called Display Key , a key / remote control that incorporates a small screen, you can tell the 7 series entering or Log Out of the lot, with the touch of a button because car sensors are responsible for turning on or off the engine , acceleration and braking according to the circumstances.

Of course, its functionality is limited in and out of garages, since the system does not allow more complex maneuvers such as parallel parking. However is smart enough to perform the necessary maneuvers to prevent the car from hitting other vehicles or rigid objects around.

El BMW Serie 7 puede estacionarse a distancia El BMW Serie 7 puede estacionarse a distancia El BMW Serie 7 puede estacionarse a distancia The main function of this system is the automated parking allow driver and passengers to board and exit the car comfortably , especially in places where space is tight side. The vehicle driver must point toward the driveway and complete the maneuver from the screen Key .

BMW imposed a number of limitations operation of this technology, as the car can not travel a greater distance to 1.5 times its length, which is to say that can not park alone into a space that must travel a greater length to 7.65 meters and should be placed straight in front of the driveway.

On the other hand system can make corrections to the direction pursuant to align properly, while not necessary for the driver to enter the car once automated maneuver is complete, since the running of the engine will stop automatically.