The new BMW i Inside Future Concept addresses the debate about the car of the future

this Is one of the main innovations that BMW has
unveiled at the CES 2017. The new BMW i
Inside Future Concept
, an interesting and quite radical interpretation
on how should be the car of the future to meet the needs and demands
both the driver and the rest of the passengers. With this new concept, the
German manufacturer seeks to provide a response to some questions that we are around when
we imagine how they must be the vehicles that will be driven on the roads
in the next century. The debate is.

BMW i Inside Future Concept

BMW i Inside Future Concept presented at CES 2017.

today, when we speak of the technologies and capabilities that you must have any vehicle that comes to market over the next decade there are several clear concepts: connectivity and driving autonomous. They are two of the main pillars on which is based the higher amount of investments in R & D that are making the manufacturers more important.

it Is for this reason that in the future, it is expected that the demand for an environment connected to rise to a new level. The new BMW i Inside Future Concept elaborates on this concept. Although her external image is not characterized by transmitting a rational design, the really important part of the BMW i Inside Future lies in its interior. A cabin which features a design influenced by the desire to control an increasing number of functions in an easy, secure and intuitive.

The large amount of driving functions autonomous or systems of information and entertainment intelligent, will make the BMW of the future perfect mobile office. Its cabin presents a composition separate “zones” for each passenger (including the driver) can enjoy the trip the way you want.

BMW i Inside Future Concept

The BMW i Inside Future Concept addresses the debate of how will be the car of the future and its interior.

Between the various developments and elements with which it has been equipped with the new BMW i Inside Future Concept, we find the system BMW HoloActive Touch that allows to handle by using gestures and, to a different level, we find in the current BMW 5 Series and BMW 7 Series. The interface between vehicle-driver includes a screen-type floating next to the steering wheel and a touch system using ultrasound for that does not need to make physical contact with the screen to handle it.

Another of the ideas that you want to be displayed using the BMW i Inside Future is that we will find ourselves in an environment in which mobile phones, tablets, and the vehicle itself will be connected to ensure a digital experience and mobile. It has also sought to create an environment that conveys exclusivity and quality thanks to the use of materials of first level.

In the future, and according to BMW, the occupant seated in the driving position will be the only one who can choose from manual driving or autonomous. The navigation system along with other technologies, will discuss the most appropriate route and, once the vehicle is on a stretch of road suitable for it, the driver can activate the function of driving the autonomous, being able to regain the control of the same when what you want to.

BMW i Inside Future Concept

The BMW i Inside Future Concept shows us how will be the mobile office of the future.

An item very eye-catching in the interior of the BMW i Inside Future Concept is the screen is perfectly integrated into the dashboard. Another of the firsts that BMW presents for the first time through this study is a audio program customizable that will allow each passenger to listen to only the sound emitted by the headrest of his seat.

on the other hand, when in the screens is not showing any kind of information or reproducing contents, will be used to increase or decrease the ambient lighting of the interior. You can also play different types of lighting effects.