The new BMW i3 94 Ah already has prices in Spain

BMW i3 33 kWhDuring this spring, specifically in the month of may, BMW presented us with a important update in their first electric model of production, the BMW i3. And it was so important because it increased significantly its autonomy with a single recharge thanks to the new batteries 33 kWh. In spite of everything, would not enter the Spanish market until the end of summer.

The jump is considerable, since the electric German previously was offered with 22 kWh. With a consumption approved in the cycle NEDC 12.6 kWh per 100 kilometers tours, the version of 22 kWh was left with a range of 190 miles, in real life and routine were quite a few less. The bavarian manufacturer has managed to homologate 300 miles with a single recharge with this new version of 33 kWh.

This, in theory, represents a increase of more than 50 %, what is not bad. However, BMW is well known that the consumption approved are, at times, a fantasy to the side of the actual figures that any driver gets in his day-to-day. That’s why he says that, in weather conditions little favourable to the energy savings as can be the heavy use of air conditioning or heating, it is relatively easy to exceed 200 kilometers.

BMW i3 33 kWhA noteworthy aspect is that this urban electric maintains its performance, and that the size of the new battery is exactly the same. Therefore, this BMW i3 33 kWh also accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7,3 seconds thanks to its 170 horses of power. In any case, the i3 60 Ah and 22 kWh will remain in the market until the next month of June 2017.

Both versions are still available to the alternative Range Extender, which features a small petrol engine twin which can maintain the state of the battery for 150 km, so that the autonomy approved for the BMW i3 of 33 kWh in your version Range Extender is 450 km.


  • BMW i3 60 Ah: 35.500 euros
  • BMW i3 REX 60 Ah: 39.990 euros
  • BMW i3 94 Ah: 36.700 €
  • BMW i3 REX 94 Ah: 41.200 euros