The new BMW M5, 2018 can be seen in motion

During these last few months, there are numerous occasions in which our photographers have hunted with their target to the new BMW M5 2018. The new generation (G30) of the sports sedan German continues incessantly with its development and now, you show it in motion during a test session at the popular Nürburgring race track. And the truth, to be able to hear the roar of your engine is a pleasure.

Not too long ago we were talking about the power that will have the new BMW M5. A power that, in view of their direct rivals, should far exceed the 600 BHP. Now, the section mechanic will bring with it important news as it is inevitable the loss of the vehicle. BMW ///M is still seeking to maintain performance levels that convey your essence.

In the case of the new BMW M5 2018, all indications are that it will be powered by a engine Twin-Turbo six-cylinder in-line. A block that will be associated with a automatic gearbox, while in regard to the traction, we will be able to opt for a configuration of rear-wheel drive as the integral xDrive. And although it is too early to talk about benefits, we expect you to be able to beat the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h the M5 current.

BMW M5 2018 - foto espía

Photo spy BMW M5, 2018.

we must Also keep in mind that you will benefit from a significant reduction of weight which will be about 100 kilograms. The new M5 will be mounted on the platform 35up, an architecture used, among other models, the new 7-Series.

On an aesthetic level the truth is that it does not expect developments very radical. And is that will be in the line of what we can expect a variant created by the guys from BMW ///M. On the new 5 Series, the engineers of the division of sports of the German firm installed a body kit to increase your character and aggressive looks. A game of bumper specific, some new side skirts or a classic gills, on the fins.

in Addition, to this we must add a suspension and brake-specific as well as a new quad exhaust system accompanied by all a new and radical rear diffuser. So we can move it forward on the basis of the latest spy photos of the M5 that we have published.