The new BMW X1 2015 5 key

bmw x1 2015 12 e1433418814467 El nuevo BMW X1 2015 en 5 claves Yesterday presented his new BMW X1 2015 . It’s a new generation coming to give replacement first compact SUV to a highly successful and wants to play with a new design, a new philosophy, new engines, more quality and more equipment. Let’s meet the new BMW compact SUV detail in 5 key .

This new generation of X1 is completely new, and when we say new is because opens platform and a new front-drive architecture. We can even talk of new beginnings, it loses that aspect of high family and earn more similar to the rest of the SUV range of the German manufacturer’s jeep and robust appearance.

more SUV than ever

bmw x1 2015 29 El nuevo BMW X1 2015 en 5 claves The new BMW X1 SUV 2015 is more than ever. The first generation sinned perhaps an aspect of something high and plastic covers familiar, but the new generation has come to bring a more robust body. It’s slightly smaller and higher. measures 4.43 m long, 1.60 m high and 1.82 m wide .

The new parts of an A pillar more advanced compact assembly. The front takes the features of the new BMW family, with larger slanted headlights or double grill enormous dimensions , while in the rear seems to lose the steep slope of the window in exchange for a sleeker roof. Pilots also remind the rest of the range SUV. Comes standard with 17-inch wheels and, as usual, will feature several finishing lines, including a sports package M Sport.

more livable and sophisticated

BMW X1 2015 One of the major improvements that have hit the 2015 BMW X1 is placed inside. The interior is now more livable and spacious. The increased height allows the seats have gone up from the ground at a time that has earned legroom in the rear seats. Similarly, despite having lost the body a few centimeters long, the trunk earns more than 80 liters to go to offer 505 liters capacity .

On the other hand, he has gained in quality, with a new, more visual, attractive design and worked. Follow the characteristics of BMW design lines, but updates some of the controls and regulations. The screen for multimedia system at the top of the dashboard is now 6.5 inches and comes until 8.8 inches with the most advanced system. The dashboard, however, still looks simple design forever.

More technology

BMW X1 2015 The arrival of the new generation of X1 has also meant the arrival of a new series of equipment and technologies to the compact SUV. Thereby winning X1 comfort features such as a new multimedia system with Internet connectivity and usable online services through a touch input selector iDrive versions. Among the comfort features must also highlight the arrival of Head Up Display .

As far as safety equipment and new technologies the 2015 X1 has something to say. Arrives LED lighting for the headlights, plus LED drivers. It also adds to the list the blind spot detector, the warning of involuntary change lanes or adaptive cruise control with braking function.

Farewell to the rear wheel

BMW X1 2015 The new 2015 BMW X1 is a car front- or all-wheel drive . No order and the possibility of rear-wheel drive, with another of the models that conforms to the new platform. So, versions with designation S-Drive will be front-wheel drive X-Drive, as usual, all-wheel drive with the ability to send 100% of force to the rear axle when necessary.

BMW therefore not want to miss this sporting spirit that every car sold. You attempted to seek distribution of weights close to 50:50 for a more neutral and driving pleasure reactions. This, although it may be an offense for fans allows both. The first is a more interior space, which is key in a model room features. The second is a more cost savings with a group of compact models with the same platform and architecture.

Come the three-cylinder engines

BMW X1 2015 Although from the beginning the new 2015 BMW X1 does not have three-cylinder engines , they will be the next big thing in the mechanical range of compact SUV. For now are only 4-cylinder engines that are offered, but later versions of Access 18i come with a three-cylinder 136 horsepower and 16d with another three-cylinder 116 horsepower.

From the outset the gasoline engine line is completed with 20i of 192 horses and 25i of 231 horses . Diesel have the 18d 150 hp, 190 hp 20d and 25d of 231 horses power. Virtually everyone can choose xDrive all-wheel drive and automatic transmission, although the manual gearbox is a new bill offers greater efficiency and pleasure of use.

The new 2015 BMW X1 is the latest from the German manufacturer and see on display at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Although their prices and versions for Spain are still unknown, it will start marketing in our country from the month of October this year .

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