The new BMW X3 is getting in shape in the snow of Sweden (video)

BMW X3 camuflado

BMW is one of the largest automotive continues to try to attract buyers to the basis of feelings and passion. it Is true that their current range of vehicles, not looking for both the sportsmanship and the passion for driving as a decade or two ago, now appearing in a wide variety of models SUVS and even a minivan, but neither can we say that it has totally lost.

The BMW X3 is not exactly one of the products that come to the attention of the most purists of the firm; but rather the opposite, since BMW with the family of models X aims to open up the range of public that may arrive. If the purchase logic, we add a point of fair play can win you customers as much by one side as by the other, and it seems that this strategy is not working wrong the germans of BMW.

The future BMW X3, as we have just seen in the video, is already in the testing phase. The compact SUV of BMW wheel for the frozen lakes of northern Sweden, very close to the polar circle and to temperatures of -20 degrees celsius approximately. These conditions are ideal for sync and put-to-point systems as assistants to the driving, stability control and traction control; without forgetting the system of all-wheel drive xDrive.

we don’t know when it will come to market this third generation of the BMW X3, nor when it will be presented, but what does seem clear is that the model of BMW will try to beat the Audi Q5, which we tried a few weeks ago. Do not miss the latest technology assistance systems, driving aids, security and connectivity; some of them directly inherited from models like the BMW 5-Series. On the other hand, we can expect a variant with some degree of sportsmanship, as it could be an X3 with the same ā€œ40iā€. We will have to wait.

Source ā€“ Coach

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