The new Borgward BX7 in greater detail

After a pause of 54 years, the Borgward brand returns to the market with an SUV which they called BX7. They do so thanks to the Chinese Foton and already officially presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


Borgward-BX7-1 E ra a novelty that many enthusiasts were waiting German brands and the people of Borgward reserved to his own home in the Frankfurt Motor Show to raise awareness in society its first vehicle in 54 years . In fact the truth of German brand is just a mean, since Borgward return after more than half a century without producing any vehicle series comes thank the Chinese Foton .

With the idea of ​​ compete against the three German luxury brands Borgward raises his return to the market as a more affordable alternative to Audi, BMW or Mercedes and makes its debut BX7 with an SUV of 4.7 meters long, with capacity for 5, 6 or 7 occupants, who seek to achieve a space within the play segment in moving the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 .


After 54 years of absence in the market, Borgward returns with BX7 SUV.

Visually, the Borgward BX7 is presented with a body of simple lines, emphasizing the chant front grille, which according to the chosen finish can go chrome or painted in black . The front headlights and rear have some reminiscent of some of its competitors, but overall achieved a harmonious and somewhat different from the rest is set.

Getting into the cockpit warns that they have endeavored to achieve a nice, sober atmosphere and a good perception of quality , through the use of good materials and inserts. Inside not missing leather upholstery with stitching against tone, including the panel, aluminum and even walnut in the center console. The great stands integrated display of generous dimensions system of information and entertainment, which includes among its functions, a camera system with 360-degree view and browser integrated .

Borgward-BX7-1 Among its optional features are the automatic climate control two areas, a multifunction steering wheel and a full complement of systems driving assists , among which are the automatic braking system, adaptive cruise control speed, impact mitigation and pedestrian lane keeping among many others.

His mechanics offer for the moment is based unitedly for 2.0-liter turbo engine engine that produces 227 horsepower , which is associated with an automatic transmission and a system of 4-wheel drive intelligent drive. At a later stage promise based on a diesel engine, it will produce a combined output of hybrid 408 hp.

Borgward produce its models in China, not only BX7, but also a medium to be known more quickly sedan. The SUV will be put on sale in China during the first months of 2016, while its arrival in the key markets of Europe is scheduled newly 2017 .



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