The new bosses of F1 and the direction it will take

BRatches, Carey y Brown

you know that Liberty Media has purchased in full the F1 has finished to complete the purchase and are now the owners of 100%, Bernie Ecclestone no longer owns shares-and, literally, what has been left out of their own business. Now the new owners intend to change this sport and return it to the top again, with interesting projects for the future that now will tell you.

For this to be possible, Chase Carey (in the center of the image above), has been surrounded by the right people. Sean Bratches will be in charge of the business side of F1, as he has had experience during his time as head of marketing for ESPN. They have also brought in a large, an old acquaintance of this sport, Ross Brawn. Brawn will occupy the leadership of the sports area of the F1.

Bernie Ecclestone

But what most are not interested in is not this, but rather the direction that will take the Formula 1 with this new policy. Well, we discuss some key points, I personally like a lot:

  • Exploit the Internet: not only sold the rights to the television channels as he has now been doing, also want to exploit the Internet market, and that means bringing the F1 to all devices and anywhere where you have connection. This is especially important in countries like Spain, where a company has purchased the rights on an exclusive basis for broadcast on the pay channels, since that will get all those who can not or do not want to assign to this monopolization, and we will return again to the right to enjoy the F1.
  • Show the american: do not want to limit the weekends to three days, but to extend it to the whole week of each GP, as the large shows in the U.S., as the Super Bowl. That will generate more interest on the part of the fans, it’s not clear is how it will be given.
  • to Improve the action on the track: want to give back a little more prominence to the pilot, and they are the heroes and not so much their cars. They want more action and overtaking on track. Here is where Brawn will work to think of interesting ideas.
  • More equal: want and need more equality between teams, one of the things that Liberty wants to do is end up with the privilege that it has, Ferrari and other teams. Those plus or extra charge regardless of the distribution of money for points. And really it seems to me one of the most important ideas. Carey has said that Ferrari should be thinking about to supply these millions with new sponsors. It seems that they will not concede as did Ecclestone, and the dealings will be more fair.
  • More races and new approaches: it seems that they want more racing, they can reach to new countries and also make more of a career by country. Something that would also be very interesting. What is certain is that the fans miss seeing action these months of break and also between some GPs and others, who spends more than a week, and occasionally it becomes a long wait. A calendar more compacted and with more races would be interesting, although the teams will not like too much…
  • Retain the essence of the F1: do not want to turn the F1 on the other sport, they want to keep their essence, but with improvements. One of the things that have been proposed is not to lose the circuits from the history of the calendar, as some were threatening in the last few years.

please, don’t forget to leave your comments with what you have like these new measures. What is certain is that they have not yet begun and already they have fresh ideas that in the era of Mr. And seemed stagnant. I hope that soon you begin to see the changes and improve soon, the sport has been less in recent years. Of course you will have to ask permission from the FIA, since certain measures and rules do not help to improve…